By Awesome - 17/08/2011 00:05 - Russian Federation

Today, I found out that I was moving to Germany. I'm going to be put back a year in school because of the system change. I also don't speak a word of German. Why? Because my mother wants to brag about this experience to her friends. FML
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that's not so bad at least Germans drink like crazy and you can drive as fast as you want in some parts of the country. sounds like any teenagers dream.

You know what, this is not ok, you should scare her with a bunny, get garden gnomes to conspire against her, and throw away any childhood awards. Then sue.


thats what you get for being russian

that's not so bad at least Germans drink like crazy and you can drive as fast as you want in some parts of the country. sounds like any teenagers dream.

I thought Russians drank more! They got their vodka.

OP protest!!! Pit your foot down and put your mom in her place

One word: Oktoberfest.

5 lets not forget about the Irish.

23- Hey now. Ha, only kidding. What a bunch of drunken bastards most of us really are. But no more than America I'm sure, crazy fuckers.

I'm not seeing the FML... Germany after the war was broken up into 4 quarters. East was controlled mainly by Russians since the late 80s or 1990. Last time I was in Berlin it felt like little Moscow.

Tits or Auschwitz

Omg, how did I forget the Irish. Terribly sorry to all those drunken Irish reading this! Probably think I'm stupid..

As an Irish German I'm terribly offended by all of you... For not bringing Beer or Jameson whiskey.

Germany is a beautiful place. Also, you can catch on to some of the German words rather quickly, due to some of them being spelled so closely to the English spelling. By the way, no trolling, but I think the Audubon is the only part of Germany where there is an unrestricted speed limit.

German chicks are really good looking tho. Im actually kinda jealous.

ROFL @41. AUTOBAHN! Which actually means highway, motorway... You can't drive at unlimited speed on all of the auotbahn, although most of it is unlimited :)

Nice other FML references.

Glad I'm Finnish, and the only tradition we're known for is sauna's (properly said Sow-nuh, not saw-nuh) Sober and clean since 1994 5 points for me

There are more highways where you could go As fast As your car lets you but above 130km/h (+- 80m/h) your insurance doen't pay put when you total your car or someone elses. Sorry for the bad english but i'm Dutch;)

Except that you have to be 18 to get your driver's licence. And IF you drive too fast, the fees there are nasty as hell.

ask if u can stay with a relative back at home!!!!! aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins?! if not and ur 18- go rent an apartment. seriously come on man!

Doesn't help that the OP is a woman.

Haha, I'm Irish AND a little German. I must be the town drunk.

23- I'm complete Irish and the stereotype about us drinking…it's completely true, theres no party like an Irish mans party!!

I'm German, Irish and Russian. I think I see alcoholism in my future.

115- Until you live in Ireland. You don't even know an 'Irish mans party' Shit gets real.

I believe koreans drink the most...i've never seen so many people go into bars for breakfast

Yeah, because every teenager's dream is to drink heavily and drive 120 mph (or, excuse me, the equivalent in kph). Or maybe some young adults actually give two shits about their lives.

2- nah. that sounds like a death-trap to me, the last nail in the coffin type thing.

41- Haha actually, it's "Autobahn"

Actually over 60% of the Autobahn is restricted...but that's not to say the speed limits are low. OP, Germany is an awesome country. If you have to move internationally, that's the place to go. Otherwise just put your foot down.

Shit, sorry.

What had you done to shit that required an apology?

Fuck, you should know what I mean. And no, before you ask, I'm NOT talking to Fuck.

Hi NOT talking to Fuck, pleased to meet you





You know what, this is not ok, you should scare her with a bunny, get garden gnomes to conspire against her, and throw away any childhood awards. Then sue.

-57 *giggle at inside joke*

Stay away from the showers...

I hear those Nazis love school.

What a selfish mother!!

When she's older take her to a retirement home in Germany. See how she likes that.

In Soviet Russia... Moms brag about sh*t

-10 In the United States of America and other western civilizations... They do the exact same thing! Ahaha who woulda known?

Like how big their poop is? ;) haha

It's like they were making a joke, or something

Ugh I hate stupid ass parents who do dumb shit to their kids just to get attention. Were people too.

*we're = we are were= past tense of are

Yeah, tell her no, and find a way to stay in the country.

German's speak English quite fluently actually :3

Well actually so can every other human being all it takes is the ability to learn!

Damn right :)

That's because all european countries are quite near each other and very much rely on each other for support, hence the necessity of knowing English, along with a few others The reason Americans only know English is because the US and (most of) Canada speak English so for the most part English is all we'll ever need, as a Minnesotan I don't need to learn "Iowanian" Also English is the most universal language in at least the Western world, if not the world

I treat with many Germans cuz I live in Spain and I'm tellin' ya they speak better English then most brits.

64- Have you ever met a German? I only know one German person that can't speak English, and yes, I know a lot of Germans.

That's awesome! Hopefully they also speak Russian quite fluently otherwise our dear tovarishch (friend, acquaintance) here is SOL

-64 Most Germans actually speak very fluent English, but choose not to..idk why but it's just that way I actually have a lot of german relatives so no offense to any Germans, but that's actually what happened to me when I visited Germany

I kind of live in Berlin and they do not speak quite fluently english there, most of them know the basics and that's all.

Working as a cashier i have still find a german who speak english.. When i ask 'cash or credit?' they answer in german. When i ask if they need help, they answer in german.. This happen both in england and norway.. So.. Good luck op!!

Regardless of whether they can or not, that won't help OP much when he needs to sit his exams in German. Moreover, I can imagine his peers and teachers would much prefer to speak in their native tongue rather than changing to accommodate him all the time.