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Today, I found out that I was held back in preschool because of some developmental issues. My parents didn't think it was important enough to mention it to me. Why hadn't I figured it out? They also lied to me about how old I was. FML
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  T_im_othy  |  0

I cant believe its not all YDI's! I mean- this is only like the 3rd one I've ever given.....but jesus christ how often do you need your birth certificate for schools and trips the year your born is on there or your learners and drivers license! other members of your family comparing ages. the fact you had more hair under your arms in gym class (assuming a boy ... dont want to get into girly signs or growing up) ... c'mon guys....if you cant figure that out YDI

  jeanii_fml  |  4

@ 69
SHE may not have even gotten her license yet, you don't know how old she is.
I'm fourteen and I've never seen my birth certificate.
And just because she's a little older, doesn't mean any changes will make it obvious she's older. I know many girls who just develop early.


I dont understand how this is her fault....seriously...Yeah, its not that big a deal, but its still a shock. If i found out i was older or younger and my parents have been lying abt tht, then i wud wonder wat else they lied not technically FYL but definitely not YDI

By  onigiriqueen  |  0

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  onigiriqueen  |  0

Still. I had a reason by age 10 to see my birth certificate. By 16 a couple more came up, including a passport. How could you have not have looked at your birth certificate by the time it matters?


Please stop rambling onigiriqueen. Before the age of 16, your parents are meant to fill out the application for your passport. I've only seen my birth certificate once (when applying for a bank account) and even then I didn't really LOOK at it. Most kids haven't seen their birth certificate, so please learn to shut up when you're wrong.

  plethora  |  3

I'm with you, #2. I had definitely seen my birth certificate before 16. Probably around 10 or 11. Plus, plenty of other stuff has your DOB on it, even without a driver's license or passport.

  mobius8  |  0

Just because you saw yours doesn't mean other people would've seen there's. The OP could still be in their early teens and what do you NEED in the way of ID when you're 13?

  romaunts  |  0

The first time I saw my Birth Certificate was because I was 16, and getting a job, and didn't have an ID yet... most parents tend to not hand them out. 'Oh, here ya go, proof that you were born and that we aren't lying to you'? There isn't really a point... and most parents keep them put up safely, unless its necessary to get out for some reason.

Also, most kids aren't innately paranoid, so usually have no reason to really /care/ to look at their Birth Certificate. Its typically a piece of paper relaying facts they already know... except in the OP's case.

  mcpicklejar  |  0

I don't know where my parents keep my birth certificate, and I really don't care either. The only time I had it in my possession was when I went to the DMV for the first time, and I didn't even look at it. I was playing my GBA! :o

  doctorbob  |  0

guys maybe the parents, i dont know, really lied about the date of birth? like MAKE A FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATE? im not saying that happened, but it could. FYL

  regalarius  |  0

I'm 24 and am not sure if I have ever seen my birth certificate. I think I've seen a photograph of it...
I have no desire to see it, either. It's a friggin' piece of paper with a date and a few words on it with no significance whatsoever to me.

  madzi  |  0

I was held back in preschool, too. I am actually in the Talented and Gifted class at my school. It sucks that your parents lied about your age, though.

  Mads_1234  |  28

*Get a dictionary.

By  zummm  |  0

i suppose you have seen the movie "almost famous". hey girl, a lot of people knows that film, i dont think anyone believes that your fml is true

  miyon_fml  |  0

yeah I did, and I still think your an idiot.
You have a twin so you wanted to look at your birth certificate. Why is the OP a 'loser' for not looking at theirs. First time I ever saw mine was when I went for my driver's license. I did find the story funny but to call them a loser is just ignorant.