By myjobsucks - 13/12/2011 02:15 - Australia

Today, I found out that I'm working on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. I'm spending my favourite time of the year working for $8.70 an hour. At McDonald's. FML
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Capt_Oblivious 10

Would you like a McTissue?

Actually you'll get double time. And I get 12.80 an hour standard at 17 years old.


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Write* and it's not guaranteed a person gets the time off. Generally it's called "requested time off".

Yea.. You can't just say "oh I'm not working that day." ...that's how you get fired xD. However I would like to think most bosses wouldn't force employees to work on holidays they don't want to.

Invite everybody to the mcdonalds you work at and throw a New Years/Christmas party there. :D

Op shut the hell up, 1) I work two jobs and neither of them may that much, and 2) at least you have a damn job

Quit ur whinging 56!! ...Op is entitled to public holiday rates or penalty rates. Mcdonalds pay isnt the best, im guessing youd be about 15/16. Theyd rather have you ob those days as youre cheaper to pay than say a 19 year old. Id be questioning that pay rate though. Thats not right.

f the people who don't have a job's life

Your not going to be the only one there, so It's not that bad. I've got to work Christmas morning by myself.

96 - what are you trying to communicate...?

Every job I ever had before I got my degree didn't allow employees to request days off between Christmas Eve and New Years Day, fucking McJobs

I worked at Wendy's for 2.5 hours and was fired because I apparently wasn't old enough even though they asked my age in the interview made $18.43

Been there and done that, but 1's right. Coming from an insider actually working at McDonald's myself when you book days off they can't schedule you unless you're part time then you have to work at least one holiday. But that's time and a half anyways so there's nothing to really to complain about. You kind of asked for it by not booking anything off.

What is there to question about the pay rate, and who's complaining. You have a dead end job don't expect any special treatment from a fast food place. Their the worst

Hey, it's better than in Singapore where we don't have a minimum wage and yet we're the third most expensive country in Asia! The pay in McDonald's here is only S$3.50 an hour and an average meal here is $6-$9! That's about 5 hours of working just to keep your stomach full a day!

thats odd cause here you dont really eequest them off you just do. YDI for working at Mcdonalds tho. i wouldnt care under any circumstances work at places like that.

Maybe you should work at mcdonalds then, rather than yell at this kid. K thanks Mr.56 :)

168- im pretty sure public holidays are paid out at time and a half. Only jobs that dont pay our p/h rates are those in tourism. Maccas isnt a holiday destination. Dead end job? Give the kid a break! Its probably his first job. Its a starting point, he wont be a McSlave forever

D37H100 5

Mcslave. There is a reason ppl made this term. FYL.

That sounds ridiculous. I thought they could only give the option to work on those days? Ideal if you don't celebrate those things but still...

yearprincess 0

mcdonalds doesnt do holiday pay and working holidays is not optional and age doesnt dictate the pay rate.

raney150 0

Unfortunately for some people that doesn't work. Mine works that way, just write my name in a few days and it's garunteed unless too many people asked that day off.

Well I don't work at a mcdonalds but at a bk and we have christmas off and close early the other days, op just works in a place where their open every single day,

JoJo1122FML 0

Ur awesome :0

Actually you'll get double time. And I get 12.80 an hour standard at 17 years old.

Damn, where at?! I'm 19 and they don't seem to have shit for pay around here unless you have a college degree.

AsianCookie247 14

Hmm.. Their name has the word "McFries" in it so, it's probably MCDONALDS. Fuck you very much.(:

FYLDeep 25

12.80? Are you a manager or something? I got paid 6 bucks an hour when I worked there.

12.50$/h is the starting wage for the Macdonalds in my town.

FYLDeep 25

Yeah, you're not American though. That's probably not a comparable number.

Are you casual or part time?

Op is Australian.. So I'm guessing they're getting Australian wages... $12 sounds about right for fast food

FYLDeep 25

I wasn't comparing to the OP. Just saying that the 6 I was paid probably isn't comparable to the 12.80 he was paid.

PYLrulz 17

At my job, they pay me for holidays, working or not.

$12.80 sounds good for 17 now.. When I was 15 at red rooster i got $7.75, At 17 I got $11.70 at coles. Now I'm 19 and work in the I.T department of a building company and get $20 per hour So It does pay off to start off somewhere... You will get more experience OP and the more experience and education you get the better pay you will get when you get older.

dbt88 15

I must be working at the wrong place. I only make $9.28/hr after five years, a transfer and a promotion. Seeing all you other FMLers talk, methinks me needs a new job.

CadillacPimpen 6

3 has hair like Justin bieber fail...

Casual pay, I am Australian yes. :P and that's the Aussie hairstyle ATM so meh haha.

I'm Australian, just started at Macca's and I'm getting $9.54 as a Trainee.

LunaDragon 10

The hell, when I was 15 the minimum was 4.75 and I'm definitely at the wrong job I'm in my early 30s and only making 8.75 after 4 years. someone hook me up, with something better :p

I thought the minimum wage, web for a 15 year old was $9.20 / hour? :-/

charlie2_fml 2

Actually 52 yes it is comparable the us dollar and the Canadian dollar aren't tht different and ours was worth more last time I checked ( I'm sure thts changed since the last time I checked was like 4 months ago) but still not tht different

xStaciexLynnx 15

I think the problem with this discussion is that people all over the world and all over the US are comparing pay rates. I live in a small farm town in PA and would not expect to get paid the same as someone living in NYC. Minimum wages are all different and so is cost of living...

sabie2k12 0

Sadly Mcdonalds I work at doesn't pay overtime for holidays, because I have to work those days also

I'm pretty sure for 17 year old it's 10 an hour and for 18 it's 15 an hour, in Australia.

mandalore92 0

I think all these Americans complaining that they only get like $9 an hour are forgetting that our cost of living is horrendously high. A 600ml coke on average costs $3.50, I've been told its like $1 over there

FYLDeep 25

What about the dollar menu? It is a McDonald's after all.

dbt88 15

164- our gas and fast food are cheaper, yes, but I know colleges are more expensive here than a lot of places ... I don't know how rent and stuff would compare but it can get pricey. And it does matter the city too. Chicago can get ridiculously expensive ... 10.5% sales tax I think they're up to?

sucks to be you guys. im 18 and I've been making 25 bucks an hour since I was 16 1/2 maybe you should all quit being so lazy and do some real work YDI

Hahah, I was thinking much the same!

raney150 0

Not necessarily. I have worked all those days before for McDonald's (except Christmas since mine is closed that day) and I got paid the same. Why the heck is your McDonalds open on Christmas op? Anyway I would love to make that much money an hour. I work at McDonald's and have for 3 years and make $7.75.

raney150 0

135, things are more expensive in Austrailia though.

Haha here in Switzerland you get 'bout 18$ when working at McDonalds. If you get a better job (which is not that difficult) you get almost double. I love this country ;)

McDonald's is closed Christmas Day

you're in your 30s - hook yourself up!!

Quit! You can find a better job I promise

Don't quit! People honestly need to stop bitching. It's a job! Granted it's not the best job in the world, but you're getting paid. I'm working those holidays, also. But, my job is pilot, and it's the best job in the world ;)

dan13mey 0

4-That's the dumbest comment I've seen in awhile. You know how many people are out of jobs and would give anything to have one right now? 8 is right. Suck it up.

8. Yeah but you see the difference. You're a Pilot, she works at McDonalds. I quit my job at burger king because I wasn't get paid enough and I didn't get enough time off. Family comes first ALWAYS. Now I have a way better job that's flexible. You can find one to. Good Luck. xD

You should be grateful to have a job at all right now. I lost my job last month and right now would take literally anything a lot of people right now would agree that they would take anything and be willing to work holidays just to have a job

8 & 50- Dont get mad, it would leave a job open for those that are more willing to put up with that jobs demands. Win/win

nattynatters 14

If you're young and this isn't a career for you just quit. I've never stayed at a job that made me miss out on the things i really wanted. I quit a job for prom. I quit a job for graduation. These people don't really care if you're there or not. And you can find another crap job somewhere else.

Is it too late for you to back out cause $8.70 is not much of a difference in pay at all. (stating the obvious)

Umm was just saying $8.70 is not enough money to be working on those holidays....better?? :D

LOL. For 3 years I worked at a hospital for $8 an hour, each year the same people were allowed off and the rest of us had to work the holidays. We didn't get holiday pay. Suck it up or find a new job.

Well ydi for not requesting it off... I mean you can't just expect them to not schedule you on the 4 days that they need people the most because EVERYONE wants it off.

Do you know for a fact whether or not OP requested it off or not? Oh let's we don't because it's not stated in the FML. Even if OP did request it off he could've still been schedule. It's a REQUEST to have those days off not a demand.

31- read #2

Maybe you could re-schedule presents with your main family? Either way, I'm sorry man. ):

That completely blows!

missamazinggg 12

At least OP is getting paid above minimum wage and is getting over-time for working the holidays. I make 7.20 an hour. I would love to make 8.70.

Capt_Oblivious 10

Would you like a McTissue?

Does it come with the dollar meal?

I don't think op feels like wanking right now

DontClickOnMe 28

When I worked at McDonald's, we closed early on those days. Except New Years. So hopefully you won't have to work all day. Or you can always try to give your shift(s) away?

FYLDeep 25

Mine closed early Christmas Eve and was closed Christmas day. That was the only day of the year it wasn't open.

Ours here closes early on Christmas eve and is closed completely Christmas day...not new years though they're open then

Mcdonalds is open on Christmas day?! McChristmas dinner, anyone?

Alot of places are open Christmas day. I work in a restaurant and we're open all those days too.