By JennyPenny - United States - Lawrence
Today, I found out that even though your brother agrees to watch your dogs for a week, it does not mean that he will pick up after them. Apparently, it's okay to leave piss and shit all over the deck and floors because they're not his dogs and he shouldn't have to clean up their messes. FML
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  DogsPaw  |  16

Putting it over the car? I'd put it in the car. Watching dogs is Feeding, Cleaning up after them and playing with them. They aren't hard to care for and to do those three things everyday.

  gmc_blossom  |  21

I don't think 39 was thread jacking.

I think it was just a hypothetical statement. Like, if OP had a baby then the brother should never babysit since he can't even take care of a dog.

  DeviousAngel  |  13

I think 39 could have been calling the dogs his "babies" and warning OP not to let him watch his dogs anymore. I could be wrong though. I call my dogs my babies all the time. :)

  doctorhook86  |  24

2: Most of the time, when someone bitches about something "these days", that person is a naive idiot. I assure you, as far as families are concerned, these days are pretty much the same as those days, no matter what TV and dumb people tell you.

The only problem here is that the OP's brother is an idiot too.

The only

  fujoushi  |  2

It seems to me that OP's brother was probably not diligent in walking them. Any dog, regardless of how well it is trained, will potty on the floor if there is no where else to go. I'm sure OP wouldn't have knowingly left the dogs in the care of someone who was this negligent. Hopefully OP, you will find someone who will take better care of your 'babies' the next time you're on holiday.

  ambear26  |  14

I would gladly put a teddy bear pic up if that would make you happy! However it's Dobby the elf he's pretty epic whereas a teddy bear is just a freaken teddy bear.