By Kramer - 16/02/2012 12:49 - Canada

Today, I found out that driving for 2 weeks on 3/4 of a tank doesn't mean my truck magically got more efficient, it means my gas gauge is broken. FML
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Aaah Canada. You make me proud somedays

How could you not notice it never moving...?


How could you not notice it never moving...?

It just became very efficient, so fumes = 3/4 tank

What is this sorcery! D:

10 points to gryffindor.

1 - He drove it till it ran out.... But the when time he was driving it, it said it had 75% of the tank filled. He could still have 10% of the tank filled, and still drive it, while it says it's 75% full.

49 - Yeah... number 1 was definitely questioning the sanity of OP, not the logistics of the situation... Use your brain, dear.

My bad. I thought she was referring to the car never moving. My point was that it was moving. I wrote the response early in the morning, and so a apologize.

Yeah I meant the line/arrow on the gas gauge not the car....

48- you are my hero . I thought I was the only person to say that

Umm commonsense says that if you have been driving and the gauge doesn't move then maybe just maybe you should stop and try to put gas in it

Aaah Canada. You make me proud somedays

What a silly canadian I m

Proub to be canadian :)

lol yeh, nice obvious shot of "the goods", if you're also into degrading yourself. Now it's just missing the duckface!

You don't have to be an asshole, 41. It's also not even that revealing of a shot, so I don't think it's degrading.

What about the pose? Deserves respect, amirite?

I love showing off my 'goods'.

Ok, you're right. I'm srry for having an opinion & being an asshole. **Extends arms** Thumb meh down bros! I eat yo thumbs >:D

Why can't you people mind your own business and stop judging others? I don't care if she is completely naked in her picture - that in no way gives you the right to disrespect her or view her as a lesser human being, nor does it mean she is degrading herself. She's obviously okay with it being displayed to everyone, so it's her choice. Also, the picture isn't even the worst of its kind. It's ridiculous the way everyone gangs up on people with even a remotely "sexy" type photo. This is the comments section, not the picture section. Judge the comments, not people's appearance.

63, welcome to the real world.

The "real world" is what you make it. Just because it's full of dumbasses doesn't mean you need to follow suit.

66 - if we're playing that game then by all means, please, explain what is Real and why it most certainly has to be said way. Because last time I checked we aren't under obedience spells like in Ella enchanted and we don't have any more proof of the actual existence of our reality than a schizophrenic does. We can only be sure of the things that are constant, and even then it's as sturdy as a floating island, so why does it Have to be that way? 100+ years ago women were domestic creatures and had to be obedient to men, technology was limited, penicillin didn't exist, doctors didn't wash their hands, and gays were abominations. That was reality, now it's not, so who says this reality has to stay the reality?

Yay, 69! You probably broke some people's brains, as it appears that line of thinking is too deep for the masses, either to initiate or sustain for more than a couple of moments of wonder. If everybody thought that way, 66, nothing would have changed since the beginning of mankind.

It does kind of look like her tube top is about to fall off. I wouldn't call it a conservative photo and if you put yourself out there like that you must also expect commentary. But more power to her, confidence is a great thing to have.

You aren't canadian(;

Ooohhhh.... Bad time to take a trip~~~

LOL @ least u see my comment

At least you NOTICED my comment!!!

I hope the tow truck guy was nice.

Dude, you're number 4. I don't think number 12 happened yet...

What did you think it was running on? Rainbows? YDI

Rainbows? Cars run on the road.

Rainbows? Htf is it supposed to run in rainbows? It's obviously pixie dust

You're BOTH way off! My car runs on Moon Sugar and Skooma!

Really, that's so weird, mine's the exact same!! Well nearly. Mine runs on moonshine, and sometimes bathtub rum if it's feeling frisky.

And there was me thinking cars drove on the road and ran on gas. FML for being wrong all these years!

Maybe your car just needs a little more spirit ad encouragement! Sing some songs or read it a bedtime story. Then it will be more efficient.

Your comment is as stupid as that thing in your display picture

Nothing like a bedtime story to get you going.

I've seen that happen before. You could measure when your tank is about to empty by looking at your miles, though.

This here. You've gotta keep a better eye on your vehicle. D: My gauge is busted as well, I have to watch and be sure to fill up every 200 miles. That trip-odometer is quite handy.

Road trip anyone?

troll car strikes..

Inanimate objects can become infested with trolldom now?! Holy Hell, it's gone airborne!!

It's broken...

How'd you come to that conclusion? It's not like OP said it was broken or anything...

Crazy Mexicans these days.

If anything, OP probably screwed up the fuel pump by sucking air and not gas.