By pissedexworker - 18/12/2010 15:10 - United States

Today, I found out that being rushed unconscious to the hospital and missing work qualifies you for termination if you don't call in, even if you have a note from the ER doctor. FML
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bigphill1333 0

Show up and kill everyone at work?


Infosys 0

Now listen up guys, I want you to guess my age based on no info other than that I screamed first, and of course I have an extremely loose anus due to constantly requesting prostate exams from DocBastard. So, can you do it, can you guess my age?

sourgirl101 28

40 year old virgin? Can't be first at anything else?

hey if I commented on number ones post and number one was erased, my comment gets erased too?

Well from the fact that you keep commenting on the highest up post I'd say you're an attention whore but that's just me :P Also to answer your question yes, yes it does.

KiddNYC1O 20

No union? Too bad.

Prositutes don't have a union in the US, Kidd.

DUDE ARE YOU AMERICAN OR NOT?! A true American would sue the bitch, not whine on FML. Just sayin' ;)

KiddNYC1O 20


Unfair dismissal, think the OP may have a claim against the employer. Another one bites the dust.

well thank you for answering my question.

tell your boss to fuck himself

who the fuck cares if you are first. just shows you have no life, just sayin'

hghiPigh 0

said number 3

sourgirl101 28

Number 3 wasn't screaming "3rd" so I don't understand your point number 20.

Yo_daddy 0

hahahahahah told by number 22 :P

there was a first post and they said "first" duhhh

they can. it is illegal.

pepelapew 0

lawyer up

bigphill1333 0

Show up and kill everyone at work?

Yo_daddy 0

hahahahah winn!! :)

No. Just insane.


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perdix 29

When your trip to the hospital is caused by binge drinking, no note will excuse that.