By LuckyLoser9 - 03/11/2011 15:44 - United States

Today, I found out that absentmindedly correcting my boss's use of the word "whom" could result in my immediate termination. FML
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iDaniel525 8


Whom makes a mistake like that?


iDaniel525 8


flockz 19

no thanks. i'd rather not touch my boss with my tongue.

iDaniel525 8

Touching your boss with your tongue, would mean licking. Notice there is a 'C' in that word.

flockz 19

there's also an "E" in like, which you failed to put. so your comment could go either way.

iDaniel525 8

You're right. But putting "LIKE A BOSS" kind of ruins the meaning..

Llama_Face89 33

38- then I fail to see your meaning...

iDaniel525 8

Okay, fine. I'm wrong.

flockz 19

Mission Accomplished. good job men. *takes off trolling sweatband*


leadman1989 15

A new challenger has arrived ^

brettlovesgirls 4

Black Ops retreat, retreat! We are going straight into enemy war zone! Get the snipers set up and let's make those trolls wish they never had the courage to annoy people! Go, go, go! (randomly continue/conclude the story!)

iDaniel525 8

Trolls lose. THE END.

A troll losing means they have won some way or another.

Change that pic NOW. Don't steal peoples' pics. That one belongs to enon. Copyrighted.

^ that one was for #115

HarveyMalone 0

I agree! I am not sure if it was an innocent mistake or not but nevertheless 115, your picture belongs to someone else and should be changed.

ChickenDoggiesWh 0

I hate egotistical assholes like that

that just aint right

Sorry to absentmindedly correct you here, but your "aint" is missing the apostrophe between the n and the t

Thank's for pointing that out #46. Don't worry. If I am ever your boss, I would never fire a bright spark such as yourself. You would be my "employee of the month" every month.

every1luvsboners 11

Savra, are you seriously taking the time out of your day to point out that an apostrophe is missing from someone's comment. Get the hell over it, bro. And quit threadjacking, you arrogant arsehole.

The_Troller 14

Threadjacking? This is what the thread is about. It would be threadjacking if he changed it to a different topic.

every1luvsboners 11

He did change the topic, octodouche. His comment did not pertain to the comment above his in any way except for the missing apostraphe. Blow yourself, Troller.

Trolling a troll whilst telling trolls there trolling? Too high...

Mr. Boners, no need to get all agressive just because you can't get it up. Happens to the best of us at least once. And yes, today I had a lot of time so I patiently waited for the missing apostrophe. And me, arrogant? Ok, maybe a little, but I will permit myself that because I am better than you. Don't bother coming up to my level, I will come down to yours. I guess my arse would be fired, including the hole in it, if you were my boss. Respectfully, fuck you, and keep will get it up again eventually.

every1luvsboners 11

I'm not being aggressive in the least bit. I'm letting you know that you're over-commenting and it's getting annoying. Calm your little balls down, put on your David Hasselhoff greatest hits, rub one out and relax for a second.

ikickgingers 15

*dick rides thread*

The_Troller 14

Wait, boners, aren't you threadjacking as well? You're turning this into a flame war.

every1luvsboners 11

I'm making a point, Troller. Go back under your bridge like the good little trolls do.

Mr. Boners, what I do or do not do in my spare time, or when I am bored, is not your concern. If I wish to comment I will, as little or as much as I like. If you don't like it, thumb it down and move on. I am relaxed, especially today (hence my numerous comments), even though I do not have any David Hasselhoff CDs. So once again, thank you dearly for your concern, get over me (shit, there is my arrogance again), stop stalking and move on.

Savra: "If you don't like it, thumb it down and move on." K? K.

KiddNYC1O 20

*Pops popcorn*

*takes some of KiddNYC1O's cop porn*

K Shrike, if you put it that way! You K with that? Seriously, you're all getting your knickers in a knot over a comment about an apostrophe? Contrary to the beliefs of Mr. Boners, the topic was not changed, but coincides with the current FML, hence the "absentminded correction". Tomorrow I am a little busy, so I wont have much time for FML, but I will be back to annoy some of you whinging fucks before you know it. In the mean time, do like KiddNYC10 & HomeAlOne, and chill. And remember, you do not own the internet.

And you don't own this site, so stop acting like you do. It's border line spam. Stop being a butthurt idiot already before I start hitting the report comment button on all this shit.

Shrike, stop licking Mr. Boners arse and who the fuck asked you to butt in? I never said I did own this site you moron. All my comments abide by the FML rules, so how is it spam? So what are the commenting quotas allowed? 2 comments/FML? 4 comments/hour? Ask your mom where you came from, and go climb back in. Other than that, follow your own advice (which was also mine) - thumb it down and move on.

every1luvsboners 11

Savra stop, just stop. You're doing nothing more than making yourself look like a bigger arse with every comment.

Blah blah fuckin' blah, Savra. You're insulting the shit out of everyone and crying like a little baby and calling them ass-lickers just cause they disagree with your stuck-up passive-aggressive bullshit. Pretty sure that goes against the first rule of the fucking site. So do us a favor and shut it already.

Yep. This did go too far Shrike. You are certainly not worth the time. But be a little honest. Everyone does not equal you & Mr. Boners. And you are the only one licking arse here. I was the one insulted first. And am I crying? You beside me to see? Seems like you are getting a little pissed of there. If you can't handle it, don't involve yourself. Contrary to your beliefs, everyone is entitled to an opinion, including me or you, and no one has to accept anyones bullshit if they don't want to. Just because someone dissagrees does not mean they are wrong, or right. I will continue to comment, so feel free to report me to this "fucking site" (to use your words) if you like. But don't forget, there are many people whos comments could seem agressive, sarcastic, bullshit, arrogant etc., including those of Mr. Boners, so don't forget them when you have your little bitch about it.

tweetypie 18

Tl:dr Edit All the other comments are gone so forget it :(

tweetypie 18

I edited my comment. There were more comments but they got deleted.

Did you offer him some Midol?

RuskiManBearPig 4

To whom it may concern.... your boss is a tool.

pfx2_fml 15

Did it also result in you slapping that prick up side the head?

He should kill him (horrible bosses reference ftw)

ooooh! Grammar Nazi opportunity!! (weee!) That should read: "Did it also result in your slapping that prick [...]" Whew! I feel so much better now :o)

Fired, arrested for assault... Just a typical day at the office.

SkardeyKat 3

That is a huge overreaction. What a big baby, probably thinks he's never wrong. It's still never wise to correct the boss. Fyl & ydi.

Apperently he doesn't want real life grammar check.

Perfect example why grammar Nazis should stick to correcting people over the internet.

It is ridiculous that people who have grown up in one country their whole lives don't know how to speak the native language. However, anyone who speaks more than one language deserves some leeway.

Inspired22 11

Wow. So being told he was wrong, even about something as trivial as that, sent him over the edge, and resulted in an ego-burned power-trip? You might be better off with a different boss anyway. That sucks, though. Unemployment is no fun.

Whom makes a mistake like that?