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  TheChiver  |  25

This comment gives off the, "I wanna be first, so I'll just say two words" vibe. Strangely I read that in a very sarcastic tone as well...must be the excitement shown in the period.

  nikkon416  |  25

Onion, um, I mean Chive, I will revise my comment for you. "That is hilarious! FYL under the assumption that your extended family doesn't have a sense of humor." Apparently, a first comment must be lengthy and exhausting. I should have just said "#1".

By  MarisaCB  |  31

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  Enslaved  |  40

Polly wants a cracker I think I should get off her first I think she wants some water To put out the blow torch Isn't me, have a seed Let me clip your dirty wings Let me take a ride, cut yourself Want some help, please myself ~Nirvana

  cmac86  |  34

that or they live in a very remote part of the country (can't see where they are from since I'm using the android app, and it doesn't give locations).

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