By Anonymous - 26/07/2014 15:35 - United States - Pittsfield

Today, I found out my sister stole my phone, pretended to be me, and tried breaking up with my boyfriend. FML
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This is why passwords were invented.

Teach the little brat a lesson.


This is why passwords were invented.

I disable it while I sleep.

Roskosity 22

I'd be utterly creeped out if I woke up to someone holding my thumb. Also they'd be utterly creeped out when they saw my face. >:)

No one would normally think of that unless they were desperate and just plain weird though... I'm a light sleeper though so even if someone tried to do that to my phone if automatically wake up lol

Not all cell phones have an option for passwords/passcodes. My cell doesn't have that.

yes they do 42 look harder

#47 I have an old fashioned TracFone. Mine does not include the option to have a passcode. It only has a lock screen in which you hold down one button to use it.

#10 this is why Samsung is developing retina recognition technology

incoherentrmblr 21

#48, the phone might not have a lock, but the SIM card might, if your phone has a SIM card.

#47 most do, but not all.

#51 Mine doesn't have a SIM card. Would be nice if it did, though. Don't want any nosey people getting into my stuff.

Agree that codes are good for keeping bratty siblings out, but keep in mind that you don't need the code to pick up an incoming call. If it was OPs bf who called and her sister just answered the phone and pretended to be her, the result's the same, passcode or not.

@49 are you stupid or just using the wrong terminology? You can't develop something that's already been developed.

A photo of your thumb can be used to unlock the iPhone 5S. The whole thing is broken

maybe they arent allowed to have a password like me

i feel sorry 4 you, hope they do. fyl

Teach the little brat a lesson.

or just change your password

ChristianH39 30

Why not both?

*Mexican music starts playing*

deepunder 17

Some calculus could scare her good

titandesu 14

#62 and if the calculus doesn't work just throw the text book at her

Time for a long chat and a new lock code

I think we need a follow up as to why she did this.

Good thing she only 'tried', OP!

First your phone. Next your bf. watch your back OP.

I hope your bf is smart enough to tell that it wasn't you

I hope your boyfriend understood this, OP, and you're still good. But this leads to suspicion. Why did she want you guys to break up so badly?

That's what I wonder, too. If she did it to be a jealous bitch, you should really be careful trusting her and never let her use your things.

Break up with your sister.

Yeah, dump that bitch!

Well that was an unexpected comment to see.

Time to shave her head when she sleeps.

Or put some Nair in her shampoo. That won't wake her up!

I think that's a little extreme