By hail science - 10/9/2019 00:01
Today, I found out that my mother, who's been against me seeking treatment for my cancer, has been going to different churches and charities to get donations for her "poor ailing daughter." I've not seen a dime of this money, and my mom just tells me to pray my cancer away. FML
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By  alycion  |  38

I’d report her to the police and see about getting it on the news. If she’s hitting up churches, she’s hitting up other places. Who knows how much she has stolen. And is probably encouraging you to not seek treatment so she can drag this out longer or say you aren’t responding and need more expensive treatment. Sure, she will probably end up in jail. But it’s better than you ending up in a grave because donations to your treatment were not given to you.

By  slym12312425  |  8

Seriously OP, you need treatment and your mom needs jail time. She is committing fraud by doing things as she is and you need to seek professional help with your health issues. Praying away cancer is not possible, only science has actually changed the outcome of cancer on a consistent basis. As to your mom, she seriously needs to go to jail for the fraud, but even more so for endangering the life of her child as she has.