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Today, I found out my little sister is marrying my ex, and that my mother set them up. FML
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Andr913 13

Your family is fucked up. Especially your mom.

Keeping it in the family, I see...


Andr913 13

Your family is fucked up. Especially your mom.

ultrabigasstaco 10

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twinny_sc 13

Even if it was only a month or two ex boyfriends should be off limits for sisters. Maybe I'm old fashioned but it seems like that's an unspoken rule. I would never go after my sisters' ex.

I agree with 28 there should be a code among families no dating exes.

What kind of fuckery?

Andr913 13

26-I doubt she'd be writing this FML if it was a brief relationship.

CaptainPickles72 18

I see nothing wrong with it if the sister #2 asked sister #1 if she could go out with her ex, and sister #1 was alright with it. But in this case (this FML) it is fucked up! This is a prime example of how hatred can form between the 2 sisters. I personally couldn't even date anyone that one of my friends have dated, let alone see a girl that went out with my brother... just knowing that they most likely did stuff would make me feel ill! *shudders*

It appears OP's mom suffers from CBD (Chronic Bitch Disorder). One in every 12 women have it.

silentblack 0

I agree 100%

Or maybe op's mom really like this guy or his money?

Well said 36, had one of my good-enough friends hitting on my ex, and it personally pissed me off real bad.. Worse, if he's ugly and thinks that he stands a chance..

iDont_fml 0

26- From the looks of things, Im assuming you've dated your sisters/friends/family members ex. Theres like 6 billion people on this earth, no need to keep it in the family. Plus who wants their sis to know their boyfriends penis size?

hilary56 0

Seriously, I don't even know you but I am so pissed for you. I wanna beat ALL of them to a friggin pulp.

It's called an ex because they are an example of who you should not date. I don't see how this is an FML.

Keeping it in the family, I see...

Yeah, there's a party foul for ya.

Mysexyfaith 0

Not by choice !

MrBoredGuy 1

*waits for insensitive people to yell out "threesome"

iAmScrubs 19

I'm going golfing today. Anyone want to join my threesome?

flockz 19

intercourse between three individuals!

A100893 30

Ménage à trois.

omarzrgz 3

So THAT'S what Katy Perry meant by that in her song... #MindBlown

oneontheway 0

That's so wrong. Sorry ur family are assholes! You deserve better!

Are you really trying to eat his brains out?

oneontheway 0

Well 71 it's common knowledge that you don't date you friends ex so I assume it carries over to family to?! Am I wrong?

71, if he's an ex, it's for a reason. Probably because they didn't get along or something. If he marries OP's sister, they're going to be around each other, inevitably. So I can understand her irritation. Hope this helps you understand it better.

Laurenlou 24

105- It isn't a selfish thing at all. It is really just an unspoken rule that no one should ever date their friend's/sister's ex. There would be too many emotions brought up from it; so avoiding the ex is the best and only answer in this situation. If society doesn't carry that tradition any longer, I feel sorry for the next generation. Where has the respect gone?!

Laurenlou 24

115- Then you can be an exception to the rule. Guys generally will not have bottled up feelings about a past relationship or have jealousy issues. For a lot of girls, this kind of thing would bring up way to many emotions. OP's sister should have at least talked to her about it first! Seriously! Just because this happened to you and you were not upset that someone disrespected you, doesn't mean OP can't be upset that she was disrespected.

Laurenlou 24

124- Seeing as OP is upset about it, she probably had unresolved problems or still had feelings for this ex of hers. Therefore, they should have talked to OP about it if nothing else. It was disrespectful and that is where I stand with this FML.

damn those were too long

Oh my god, that is terrible! fyl for sure!

That mothers a bitch!

Time for the pranks on your ex me thinks ^.^

That's fucked up I'm sorry. Your mom obviously doesn't care about you enough considering she would do something like that!

The_Troller 14

#8 is a time traveller.

Im guessing he was at the wrong time period.......

StromyG2 10

You were also adopted. Surprise!

Pray you were adopted, so you don't have attend the wedding or associate with that insensitive piece of ceap!

There is nothing wrong with being adopted!

Talia_91 13

Well was it a recent ex or an old ex that ended badly? Cuz if it was just an ex and your over it idk why your sister can't be happy, and you just be happy for them. This FML needs more info.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Does it matter how long he's been an ex? Yes, the sister can be happy, and yes, OP can be happy for them, but do you not put into account that OP is UPSET by this? Obviously, she is not "over it."

I don't know* Because* you're*

Yes but that doesn't change the fact that the OP's relationship is OVER. If she had any feelings left over then she should have tried to get the relationship back. But if the guy doesn't want to have anything with OP then she has to move on. She can't force him to not love her sister.

What's really strange is that no one else notice that they were talking about marriage. Was there absolutely no dating involved? I say there not enough info to critize. (Sorry for my bad spelling lol)

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#56 - You said she can't force her ex to not love her sister, yet the OP "has to move on"? HAS to? No, I don't think so. Also, trying to reconstruct a relationship is not as easy as you make it sound, especially if, like you said, the guy didn't want anything to do with OP. Even then, why would he marry the sister if he didn't want to do anything with OP? In the end, I still think the ex is a douche, the sister is a backstabber, and the mother is fucked up.

I'm saying that if the guy doesn't want anything with OP, then she's. Going after a lost cause. She can keep wallowing inher old feelings but what good would that do? Yes it was a complete dick move but I'm guessing that her sis and ex were dating before they decided to marry.

And I'm guessing they weren't that close to begin with if she never noticed who he's been dating or even bothered to ask who he's been with. I'm guess she never paid attention to him until this came up. Too early to tell since there's not a lot of info but hey everyones entitled to their own opinion

Laurenlou 24

82- I feel like the sister and the mother are totally disrespecting OP. Even if OP was entirely over the ex, it shows no respect from the sister to date or marry the guy. And maybe the sister was keeping him a secret, or she never talks to OP? OP is not by any means in the wrong here. It's the sister and mother.

I agree with you, it was a dick move by everyone. But its a bit too late to call foul now don't you think?

Laurenlou 24

114- Indeed it is. That was why the FML was posted.

omarzrgz 3

76- it would be really unhealthy for you not to move on if your ex is getting married. I agree with 56. Also if the other person doesn't want to reconstruct the relationship then it doesn't matter how hard you try it won't work if they found someone else ... Even if it's your sister in this case. Ps the mom is a bitch

Talia_91 13

Or op could be like the type of person that once a person is an ex no one is allowed to date them. So unless you know OP and that why everyone being so sensitive bout this topic, it needs more info.

XkassieX 6

Your mom sucks and your sister must hate you. Your family is soo dysfunctional