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  coolmike699  |  25

Sure, divorce is messy and there are s lot of opportunities for people to get screwed over. But it's not true that men come off worse "in most cases". That's just a myth.

  Mathalamus  |  23

Add to that, it’s easily possible to lose the love for the person, but want to stay married for many reasons, especially if nothing bad actually happened.

  coolmike699  |  25

I've never heard of any system that "encourages women to be single", ever. Sometimes I think people place too much emphasis on romantic relationships. Hell, tons of posts on this site are from people lamenting being single.


Really? You've never heard of the American system, where when two grownups divorce (and there are no children involved) the male grownup is legally forced to spend half of everything he earns on the female grownup, thus rewarding her choice to be single and responsibility-free (because she loses said privilege of monthly allowance if and when she remarries). You don't see how that would encourage a woman to stay single and mooch of her ex in no way whatsoever? Wow.

  Rabite  |  28

Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, Janet Jackson and every woman who earns as much or more than their ex-husbands would like to disagree.
So is guess you are fighting for equal pay then. Or are you just filling the internet with this stupid stuff because some woman was mean to you once?


Oh dear God/Allah/Budda/Flying Spaghetti Monster! Did you just assume my gender, buddy? I'm not your friend, guy! I'm a strong, independent, free-thinking cisgendered, straight, female and your aggression is making me feel sooooo unsafe right now...Whatever shall we do about this? I could report you. Or put on a pussy hat and march out into the night to Washington. Decisions, decisions.

Way to give 3 examples from the 1% to 'prove a point'.What about the hundreds of thousands of average Joes, Wyatts and Harrys whose exes are riding the alimony pony or not-so-average billionaires and millionaires whose wives get $572 million or £2.6bn settlements because, you know, every woman has '$100K-a month needs'? Oh right, the Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, Janet Jackson example negates those.

  masonbelise  |  6

Okay so are you saying that the “billionaires” whose wives divorce them and get a settlement should not have to pay the settlement? The way I see it everything should be divided in half as they are assets that were acquired during the marriage. Not to mention my mom divorced her ex husband because he cheated on her, and my mom who was the one who bought her own house at 18 (the one they lived in) and made more money then him so she had to pay him alimony. Alimony is all based on who was the primary money maker. It’s so that way if someone divorces their spouse to say marry another person, but their spouse was say a stay at home mom or dad and had no work experience are not just thrown into the world with no way of living. Not to mention the settlements are normally so they don’t have to pay alimony they give them a lump sum rather then money every month. Hopefully all of that makes sense.
This is also a comment in response to the comment above me

By  ohsnapword  |  21

Marriage is grand. Divorce is 100 grand.

By  davidfong  |  14

First Alimony is BS the only time a spouse should to have to pay another spouse after a divorce is child support and that’s only if the time isn’t 50/50.

If you get a divorce then legal fees for both people should be split down the middle and if you guys have a house together they either sell it and split the money or whoever stays is responsible. If they share an apt then who ever lives there first get the apt and if they moved in together then they both have to move.

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