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  heyidcstfu  |  0

I would never let anyone of my friends or his friends live with us. even without cheating that's just a set up for problems. ydi the house lease but fyl for the cheating

By  BWill9014  |  4

YDI... it's not like you're college kids anymore living in an apartment together... you're married which means major decisions such as buying/leasing houses that you will be living in should be made only between you and your husband... this is what happens when you keep your "best friends" so close to your marriages

  blownfuse  |  0

then don't expect them to be your best friends for long... if your 'other' is cheating you'll know. if you ask them if there fucking your other.. they will lie.. it's all about turning a blind eye and catching them in the act... fyl op

  kweenbitch  |  0

so true #11.
& OP, you can break any lease agreement you want, just deal with the consequences of having a poor rental history for a few years. move out, you'll be better off.

  djxtones  |  0

Definitely agree, 11. Inviting a best friend into a marriage is asking for trouble. OP, you need to ditch the naïveté and get rid of both of them. Catch them in the act, file for divorce and take the cheating scumbag for all he is worth. It will be worth the messed up rental history.