By Anonymous - 16/10/2013 17:37 - United States - Romulus

Today, I found out my handwriting is so bad that people think I write in Arabic. FML
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People don't even think I'm literate when I write

It's all Fun and games until you end up on a terrorist watch list.


People don't even think I'm literate when I write

I just have to say...OP, that takes some skill actually.

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نتهزممههخفمسمسن ...I think i just wrote "supercalifragalisticexpialadocious"

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ADDENDUM: Using my rudimentary Arabic skills, the phrase in question phonetically translates to "fee-hez muh-muh-heh-heh khuf-mum-see-mum-see-muh." Which is NOT a word of any kind. I apologize for any misdirection. Parsley

Hum.. It's actually "net-hez..." rather than "fee-hezz...". "Fee-hezz" would look like فهزز. Not that anybody cares.

I write up and down because I'm left handed

OP are you a Doctor?

I have no idea what #1 is trying to communicate. Do you speak English??

كلكم مرضه و طيازه. Some one translate that :(

Now that's not very nice now is it #139? If you're going to make such a mean comment about the FML community, at least be man enough to say it in English.

FYI all, translation of dear Mr. Lonewolf: you're all mentally ill asses.


It's not bad if it's your own font. :)

I'm pretty sure Arabic is not OP's own font.

At least it's not comic sans.

It's a font. I should know I'm friends with Arabic.

Arabic is a language...

Blade, i wonder how he would describe his relationship with said adjective?

Well that's bad hope things your chicken scratch into better handwriting

I need to enter this into my Idiot-English Translation Engine: *whir* *bzzz* *click* *DING* "Well that's too bad. I hope things get better and you can turn your chicken scratch into better handwriting. Snorting dried rhinoceros semen makes me omit words!"

Oh dear god. I'm laughing so hard, I think I'll be in need of a doctor. xD

That comment gave me cancer

Better get off fml and start cookin some meth if that post gave you cancer, pal.

It's all Fun and games until you end up on a terrorist watch list.

#25: You replied to #5 regardless. So much for abstaining from replying to him.

I still can't categorize this comment whether it is a little racist and stereotyping or just pure funny....

Humor, to me, is a fine line between utterly brilliant and magnificently offensive. I assure you, no malice intended.

durka durka Mohammad jihad!

now #113, what the bell is durka? Keep in mind that I'm Egyptian.


My clearing me throat sometimes gets mistaken for arabic as well

You should definitely apply to medical school, but be sure to hand write your application. You're guaranteed to be accepted with such atrocious penmanship.

Glad to hear that from an experience doctor such as yourself

I have met at least one physician with nice handwriting (my mom). Every other one I have known, their handwriting is horrible for some reason. Its like they possess a "bad penmanship" gene.

I'm sure your mom writes terribly at work. She wouldn't still be a doctor otherwise

I always thought she had a school teacher's handwriting. Its very pretty and damn near perfect. I on the other hand, have mediocre handwriting and my dad who is also a physician has terrible handwriting. Both have been doctors since 1985.

Yemen-tion it to your boss and Egypt you out of a promotion! He can't be Syria's!

This whole thing is just a bad Oman.

Oh, well, come listen to some hot Tunis at Moroccan house. Try to get a Riyadh over here and Dubai the beer. Enough that we all end up face-down in the Qatar.

You should ask someone to translate it. You may be sending yourself secret coded messages.