By meltdowninrels - / Friday 15 August 2014 22:09 / New Zealand - Wellington
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  RusticChick  |  27

I never stating it was a good sense of humor, nor a bad one for that matter. Just that she had one, maybe an interesting one. I found it somewhat humorous. Rude, but still humorous.

  killerdana  |  19

Maybe she knew her brothers girlfriend was shady and tried to tell him but he didn't listen. That happened with my brother and when he came to me complaining about his gf cheating on him I did my "I told you so" dance

  Omegapi197  |  12

Or he is the type to date b#@*hy user girls. One of my best friends always dates the ahole. There were only so many times I could care when she gave me the sob story over and over.

  Axel5238  |  29

She may have seen Op's gf showing behavior that it wasn't a surprise or she could be someone that contributes to textsfromlastnight or at has stuff contributed about them.


I give a fuck about my brother's life. Especially his love life. He's my baby brother, if he ever came to me and told me his girlfriend cheated on him, I would be in jail for murder, and possibly assault

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