By Anonymous - 02/09/2012 17:34 - United States - Reston

Today, I found out my friend swapped my girlfriend and probation officer's numbers in my phone. My girlfriend is wondering why I asked her permission to leave the country, and my probation officer said she can't wait to see me again. FML
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This is why you don't let your friends see your phone.

At least you didn't try to get some weed from your gf


This is why you don't let your friends see your phone.

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JackeeDawn 9

I did something like this to my cousin; but I switched her boyfriend and her moms number. Her mom wasn't very happy with her daughter texting her a sexual text. She was so pissed. She actually got back at me and switched my boyfriends number and his moms number.

Your friends are sneaky!

Boygenius50 8

Honestly it seems like this could have ended a lot worse...

50- You're over thinking it, focus on what the FML really is: his friend switching two numbers in his phone and screwing up everything. If OP's FML was about him committing a crime and the outcome was him needing a probation officer, then he would deserve it.

PhishloverA 14

Or if you can put a Passcode on it so if your friend takes it they can't get into it

This reminds me when my sister switched my crushes number with my mom in my phone.

That is funny, but it wouldn't work on me because I just remember a lot of the important #s in my phone

50 isn't overthinking

its not that, you should be able to trust friends not to do stupid stuff like that, or at least if they do then fix it immediately.

This is amazing.

It's funny until someone does it to you! But I have to admit it's hilarious.


YDI for being on probation. :p

44- YDI on getting thumbed down.

44. How does OP being probation mean they deserved it?

Boygenius50 8

76-Exactly how probation was the OP?

KatieSue7 10

At least you werent sexting (:

funkiemonkey15 4

I'm sure he would've rather been sexting

Hiimhaileypotter 52

The way I read the FML, he was and that's why the probation officer can't wait to see him again. I could be wrong...if I am, can someone clear it up? XD thanks!

I think its either that he accidentally sexted his probation officer, or he said thins he wasn't supposed to so his probation officer wants to see him.

I'm pretty sure if he was he could have got done for sexual harassment

51 - Or not, she seems to be liking it.

Good luck with both. xD

LO388 7

So you tried to text your probation officer asking to leave the country...?

No ..? I said goodluck to OP with them.

LO388 7

69 - I realize that. My point was that a text seems a little casual for someone on probation to request to leave the country.

sportcrazychick4 7

Confused on that too!! Or did he mean county because I'm pretty sure he probably isn't even aloud to leave the state!!

If your on a light probation and have a good track record with your P.O. You can usually ask stuff like that informally. Especially going to Canada or Mexico.

heinous966 15

Intriguing. Bit shouldn't your girlfriend have known that you were A. Wanting to leave the country B. On probation?

what makes you believe that she didn't already know those things?

I think it's safe to say she knew both of those.

At least you didn't try to get some weed from your gf

Or have an affair with the probation worker.

I believe an affair is when you're married... But I may be wrong, I am an idiot after all.

I don't really think it matters. I would see an affair as having a sexual or romantic relationship with someone else behind your partner's, be it wife/husband or boyfriend/girlfriend, back.

On the plus side your probation officer will let you leave the country now- although she might want to come with you.

Get down and dirt with the law. ;) haha.

I guess permission out of country is granted at least.

Sounds like one horny probation officer haha!

klovemachine 24

Or some ugly desperate woman XD