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Today, I found out my ex boyfriend's band has become quite popular on YouTube. My friends and sister won't stop singing their songs. Most of them were written after I dumped him, and go on to say how much better off he is without me and how horrible I am. FML
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LittleMonsterSam 5

She dumped him, now he's better off. Where's the "way to go dude!" button?

Probably Justin Bieber or some bitch like him.

tylersign 11

45- Yes, it MUST have been Justin Bieber...

VEVO_fml 0

Aw i thought he made the GrandMA got a facebook haha

imacreeper 3

Where the hell do you get Justin Bieber from? Might as well say it wa Rebecca Black.

They're both one gender-confused person made by the government to terrorize the public via music. Just a prototype, really.

You're so vain you probably think this post is about you.

PurpleRae420 0

So tell them to go **** themselves and go be with him they'll find out REAL QUICK why you dumped his SORRY ASS !!! Don't worry about them you did the right thing because he was an IDIOT

Reading your FML gives me good insight to the fact that you deserve this misery.

Your Favourite Martian! Lotta love for RWJ XD

Ah, my previous comment was meant to be for Vevo

zendaddy0 0

yah #1 he's a screwdriver if you ask me

What I don't get is if she's upset he wrote a song about her or upset that she dumped someone who became successful.

its jealousy, now he is probally banging hotter chicks on a regular basis and she's doing nothing but sitting at home eating Ice cream

GreenMuzz 0

78 Do you have some form of down syndrome?

IKR? On a previous FML, it had a guy who saw his ex girlfriend now a rich lawyer and they're were MUCH more YDI's then FYL. Makes sense, but wtf is up with this one? YOU DESERVED IT FOR DUMPING HIM.

pianogirl12345 8

I think she's upset because their break up made him successful.

& he only became a popular rockstar 'cause she a dumped him.

I don't magically become a rockstar when I get dumped :(

59 - I'm guessing you don't get dumped frequently though.

speaking of being dumped, talk about a "shitty" situation hehe

Eshhayz, you should have posted your witty and surely original, unheard of comment on the other FML about constipation. Or just not said it at all.

imacreeper 3
tsim_fml 0

74- Actualy, Eshhayz' comment was most likely posted before the constipation one, and be that as it may that it has been said before, it was applied in a different way, and may have amused several persons.

Tsim- Given that I was one of the first commenters on both FMLs, I can guarantee you that his comment came afterwards - both this and that FML posted at the same time. Good fight, you lose.

tsim_fml 0

95- **** u , little bitch. ill slap u silly if u tak to me in thaat tone again yung lady bitch

HyundaiOwner7 0

Pro tip: I'm a guy. Former Marine, now professional web developer. That is my girlfriend. Her name is V. And tsim, being hard with a keyboard not only makes you look like an idiot, but also removes all traces of potential masculinity that may once have existed in your puny body.

HyundaiOwner7 0

Nvm, she's not hott anymore.

I would totally bang your girlfriend, Vee -then she could break up with you for me... you could write a song about it, and viola! another rock star. It's funny how things go full circle. Oh, and tsim? He isn't worth the 75 cents his mom saved not wearing a condom when she got knocked up at the truck stop

I love how some people shit their pants over some strangers comment over the internet.

Umm. No. You posted your first comment at 19:57(Which is this FML). You posted your second at 20:01(Which is the FML you claim came afterwards). You lose, sir.

that's not his girlfriend, I've seen that picture as one of the "random" wallpapers in an app of wallpapers for iPhones.

he is probally made fun of in real life so he tries to be a keyboard cowboy so he can compensate

Lol. A former Marine? Your profile says that you were born in '91. What, were you a Marine for less than a year? Or was the vast and complex settings of FML too hard for someone who creates websites?

135- bro, I hate be the bro to break it to you, 20:01 is 4 minutes later than 19:57, so... You lose.

Uhh... No shit? First off, who the **** was talking to you? Second, that was the entire point. It came AFTERWARDS. Can you read? Wait. You just answered my question. Oh yeah. You lose too. :D

Actually, I take that back. I was getting bitched at worded it incorrectly. My mistake.

Real quick, I'll just correct myself. Mr Marine w/ a pic of "girlfriend" was talking shit and claiming this one came after the other one because the kid made a 'shit' joke. And he posted his comment on this before the other one. Make sense? Oh well.

honestly though why is everyone getting worked up over a stupid comment posted by someone you don't know and probably will never meet??

#140 Is that you real name? If it is then sucks to be you because it sounds like Feel my c0ck

It's amazing what one comment can do.

yeah, that picture of your "girlfriend" looks animated broham

I'm going to respond to the multiple things addressed in this feed without any ***** given toward who asked/said them. - I was born in 1991. That makes me 20. I enlisted in DEP at 17 (may 2008) and finished basic in 2009 (started june 15 2009, finished Sept. 11, 3rd bt Lima). I was just recently medically discharged. Yes, former Marine. - That is my girlfriend. It's photoshopped for graphical effect, not "animated". If there is a picture of her on some app, you're more than welcome to point me in that direction as that app is most likely infringing intellectual property copyrights. This particular photo is part of a purchased package her photographer has available to magazines, etc. - Yes, my original comment was posted first on this one, then next on the other. I use the app, and tend to scroll down to what I last read, then read up from there. You know, chronologically.

171- Woooow.... Did you figure that out all by yourself?? /sarcasm lmao my real name is Phillip McClellan. why would that suck? do you not like your **** touched, fag?

perdition- not just in an app, I've seen that pic as wallpapers on /wg/, google image search, tineye, you name it. She's all over the interwebs bro.

So what you're telling me is you're not a former marine, but a fail one? You threw that shit out there like you deserved a ******* cookie or something. You didn't even finsh a single tour/service. Next. Okay. All I have to say to that is you're so full of shit, your eyes are brown. And finally, the ONLY reason why I started shit with you is because you talked shit to some kid who didn't show any ******* disrespect towards you and you insulted him for it JUST to go back on the thing you put him down for. You just admited that this one DID come first and you read it in chronological order. What if he did the same thing? If we have re-re's like you protecting this country, we're ******. And if your stupid-ass is going to point out any mistakes I made in my spelling, it's 2:10am and I'm tired as ****. Have fun trying to find shit to defend yourself with while you google pics of your girlfriend and beat off, you goofy ****.

perdition, waar jij een probleem van maakt man... als ze het niet geloven laat ze toch zeiken, wat boeien een paar strangers van op het internet?

a_nutritionist 10

@perdition 2 things... 1. why mention your job? simply saying youre a guy gets the point across that youre not female. 2. that photo makes your girlfriend look cg...and i cant work out why.

lol perdition, ex marine ? well I'm an ex lapd swat officer who saved the drowning child from 3 tiger sharks with one arm whilst Kim Jong il was firing missiles . my girlfriend is Gisele bundchen, and if you see her online it's some copyright infringement shiit ... true story

Aww... Where'd the pic of your girlfriend go, bro? You must of rented 'I Am Number Four' and saw that shit that can take photos off the internet and bought it on eBay. And because your girlfriend "V", oh wait, Vee* was so upset that her pictures were being posted on various sites and apps without her permission, with you being the nice guy you are and all decided to not repost it as your display to avoid it from happening again.

You guys are all ****-juggling thundercunts.

185- Lol, dat is de reden waarom ik gewoon mijn vriend gestopt ... geen punt!

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what you talking about its totally YDI

mtlooney225 0

Go make your own videos mocking his songs and put them on YouTube. lmao(:

well what do you expect most singers write songs about breaking up yeah it probably sucks but oh well

I agree. Op is probably a jerk, so the ex-boyfriend probably made those songs to cope.

chrisp87 11
JennaMarie420 2

hey well at least you can say you have a song written about you. you can be like whoever eamon is singing about in don't want you back

TheDrifter 23

That depends on the song. If the chorus goes "and that's how that b!tch gave me herpes it's not gonna go well for you.

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julian928 5

da girl with da black hair is hot:)

HU4L188 0

woah... is that andy six in ur pic?

cheezebuiscut 0

Actually just so you know hes sadly not called Andy "Six" anymore because Nikki Six almost sued him 4 copying himD: he now just goes by his normal name which is Andy Biersack & yes that is Andy in the picture

he was a sk8r boi, you said "see you later boy"

FruitSalad4225 0

He wasn't good enough for OP.

0opsie 6

Now he's a YouTube star Slammin' on his guitar

does your pretty face se what he's worth?

does your pretty face se what he's worth?

a_nutritionist 10

avril has been out of the limelight for a while, now we know what shes been up to. a sex change, youtube and failed relationships with women.

C-C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!! You're an asshole....

200, the combo was kinda broken when 187 posted, you ******* dumbass...

He was saying #187 broke the combo dumbass

sensoon15 7

you're famous! he wrote a song about you. now serious me: just go to another room whenever they start singing. not that hard OP

Stonedmanalex 0

What if OP was a simesetwin and couldnt sperate