By anonymous - 23/06/2011 14:19 - United States

Today, I found out my dad thinks he's famous because he's been on 'Cops', twice. FML
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marisamaroo93 0

well he is famous! famously bad ass. jk

flockz 19

ya your mom could of been on 16 and pregnant, twice.


it could be worse...

flockz 19

ya your mom could of been on 16 and pregnant, twice.

Or been on "Cheaters" twice.

CatEyes66 0

Or Jerry Springer/Maury

or your "dad" coulda been on 16 and pregnant...

AbuelaGrande 0

In my pueblo the TV is not in HD so when you seat with nephew and grand children it is not good so when you watch show like Cop it's Policia.

damn I thumbed u up by mistake...

imacreeper 3

your mother could have been on Maury twice.."bitch, if you in Maury twice then you know he not da fatha"

Or being Lindsay Lohan.

there's no bad publicity :P

Yeah... it's hard to give up show-biz. Hopefully your dad is a cop. Otherwise, FYL.

@56. Ever consider a sensitivity class? Anger management? Do yourself a favor and NEVER travel out of the US. You are sure to get arrested with your attitude.

your dad is Famous!!

You ain't gonna call no po po!

imacreeper 3

actually 119, it was a l movie quote. notice the quotations.

You could have #59's pic

yes, it could be worse. op's dad could have been on lockup twice.

or on thousand ways to die ... I'm pretty sure that's the worse lol

SelenaJerzak 0


Termites 15

He might have been on Cops twice but I've been on Meth many times.

gabstahhh 8

Cops is the shiiiiiittt.

Why are you so sweaty? I was watching your dad on Cops.

Could have been on Oprah once. *shudders*

Actually being on cops twice makes you famous 'round here.

Or it could've been Dr. Phil...

hellogoodbye1996 6

I'm starting to question these..this is the third one of someone being on cops in two weeks.

he could be a cop. be thankful hes not

first comment!! haha that's funny

marisamaroo93 0

well he is famous! famously bad ass. jk

ienjoithinqs 0

another 2 times and he might be considered as part if the show :D

INfamous, perhaps??

enonymous 8

One day his Beer and Blood stained wife beater shirt will be retired and he will stroll into the Cell of Fame

he's been on it more times then some of the cops

bloodshedblack 5


He should be proud, Cops is a mildly entertaining show that millions of people watch. I'd be happy XD

FunnyGuy5051 7

he must be black lol jk, is it me or does this fml seem like a scary movie reference

textwork 4

that is an achievement....

That's cool! What are the chances of being on cops twice?

XxMaseratiGurlxX 1

of course it is!

LOL this reminds me of when my name is earl was on cops

and you know what they say like father like son so you can Br famous some day just like your father

50 gamerscore!

IBeBlazin 0

156- your pic is fucking awesome lol

Lumenoire 0

Now he'll hear that pleasant little achievement 'ding' everytime he watches those 2 specific episodes..

I think the word he's looking for is 'infamy'. Unless he was on Cops as a, well, cop.

hahah that's awesome, does he sniff cocaine on the streets ?

coolkat77 0

as a cop or bad guy??

take a wild and crazy guess

OceanBreathesSal 5

I spy with my little eyes, something thing trolling.

Wow I've never "thing trolled!" Can you teach me how?

Wait.. Maybe I'm just an idiot but don't they blank out the criminals faces on Cops? So unless he's that stupid, he really shouldn't be saying that

They don't blur faces of criminal, sometimes they blur faces of people they were with who aren't in trouble.

BigHoshJosh 0

I thought it was implied since, you know, its a FML

sonofkarma 5

Well He's not famous... but He's infamous!

This made me lol. Ahh the people on cops.

theten_fml 9

he's probably the one who tries to sneak up, super slow, on the cop to hit him on the head with a glass bottle. Or the one who is dancing when he's doing the sobriety test.