By Anonymous - United States - Houston
Today, I found out my brand new $3,000 mattress that is supposed to relieve my back pain works amazingly. I only discovered this because my wife, son, daughter, dog, and two cats are all asleep on it and not waking up. FML
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By  maharb01  |  17

no kids allowed in mom and dad's bed, if they wake up terrified or something, they can bring a pillow, blanket, and sleep on your floor until they want to go back to their room. otherwise, you'll never keep them out!

  CasiusCorvus  |  10

Yall never slept on the floor as kids? Maybe y'all had a bad childhood. Spending the night, forts, and yes, even when I got scared shitless I'd sneak in my parents room and make a spot on the floor beside the bed. What's your issue with it?

  toastbrot  |  9

it's one thing if the child chooses it themself, I think it's another thing to not allow a maybe scared child in your bed and to force it to sleep on floor.

  kelliecraine  |  2

They aren't forcing them to sleep on the floor. It's either the floor or go back to your own bed. My parents had 12 kids and that's how it was for all of us after we turned 3 yrs old.

  cocainewhore  |  30

#8, how is it disrespectful to want to use something specifically for your medical needs, when it's the reason it was bought? If anything, it's disrespectful to not have left room for them on their own mattress.

By  DoomedGemini  |  37

Honestly this pisses me off. Sure it's a nice bed obviously, but it's for your pain. They are selfishly taking up all room to the bed, leaving you with back pain still..

  Setareh23  |  34

Assuming the wife normally sleeps with him and the kids must be really young since they can all fit... perhaps they were simply trying to wait up for OP but fell asleep. Or maybe they had nightmares or something and the wife was planning on bringing them back but she fell asleep. Or maybe they were all testing it, but without the animals (who...crawled in later?) there was room for him...
I dunno, I'm just throwing out possibilities because I really hope his family aren't just complete douchebags.