By single once again - 07/10/2015 07:41 - Cyprus - Nicosia

Today, I found out my boyfriend has an account on a sex hookup site. He said it has "interesting articles" and that he'd completed his profile and listed his sexual preferences out of boredom. When I told him to sign in and prove he hadn't been messaging girls, he refused and called me paranoid. FML
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He's not your boyfriend anymore right?

Make a fake account and hit on him through it!


He's not your boyfriend anymore right?

I think so considering it says 'single once again' in the corner.

thank the stars. I am sick of girls letting guys get away with this shit. They stay together, have a few kids, find out he's cheating and leaving her, and are all "why did this happen to me" . . . because you let him get away with it the first time! girrr

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Dude, I'm so sorry. But honestly you're MUCH better off without him. And if he doesn't have the decency to even admit it and apologize, he's never going to be truly happy. Which I hope is consolation at least. Hope your next boyfriend appreciates you and isn't a total douche canoe :)

What exactly is a douche canoe?

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It's a canoe made out of douches. Not very useful

Make a fake account and hit on him through it!

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What's the point? It's already out in the open.

Why waste time on such a piece of shit

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Do it just to get in Catfish lol ? but seriously it's better to just forget him.

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Oh, so you like playing games? So do 90% of the other girls on earth. Don't fuck with his head, he deserves what he gets, don't be vindictive. Don't hate on people that weren't supposed to be in your life anyway. Let them live their life, as you live yours. We could all still live in harmony if we just chose to do what made us happy and didn't try to be revengeful.

Yowch, 96. HE was the one playing games, and you come out with "90%" of girls like playing games? Instead of demonizing the vast majority of a gender, why not simply stop at "be the bigger person"?

I'm sorry OP, that's messed up. Him even having an account for a hookup site is not right at all. You're better off without him!

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Yup, it's time to break up. ...Hey, that rhymed! Now I'm happy :)

That was the worst rhythm ever

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It was a rhyme, not a rhythm.

Op isn't.

Now you can find someone more loyal hopefully

What a tool, I'm sorry op. Maybe you should get checked...

What the fuck are you talking about "you should get checked"??

I agree she get tested. Who knows what or who he has been doing behind her back.

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Checked for STD's, is what I'm assuming they mean. Not bad advice in this situation.

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Dumb for cheating and dumb for being so terrible at hiding it. Good riddance

Haha he talks the talk and can't walk the walk. By not openly showing you his account it means he has something to hide; he might not be physically cheating just yet but given the website he has the intention. At the very least his shady behaviour is worthy of breaking up with and at most.. well.. no need to go there anyways

Same thing happened to me OP. Take comfort in knowing that he's not worth your time. There are too many real men out there who know how to treat their women with respect and cherish them. You deserve one of those men, and he deserves the STD he is likely to get. ;)

My ex did the same as well. Luckily for me, the girl he took interest in was his crazy ex who disguised herself as another and told me immediately after he said all these lies about me.

That is awesome that she came back to tell you. Although, I have to wonder what her intentions were since you didn't say "my friend, his crazy ex"

I'm not sure her true intentions, I just assumed she wanted to break us up because she wanted him back. It doesn't really matter to me, she saved me a lot of wasted time by bringing his lies and cheating behavior to the surface.

But what if she fabricated the whole thing just to get you guys to break up!

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#27 My ex was cheating with a mutual friend of ours. I found out after I broke up with him because she went crying to another friend who called me saying I should listen to her story. I stupidly did. Apparently, he spent months sneaking off in my car (to mourn his recently passed brother was his excuse) to fuck her behind my back and he kept telling her that as soon as "that stupid bitch" (me) was out of his life, they could be official. Well, when she confronted him about the "official" part a month after I left, he told her she was just a piece of ass and all he really wanted was to get back with the love of his life, me, which was what prompted the phone call. Justice. With a capital J. And no, we did not get back together.

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It's quite startling how judgmental most of you people (and especially ladies) are. You only look at his side of the story. So let's see the one of the OP. First mistake - you found out about him having an account on such a site. As i've lived long enough to know how these things happen - it probably wasn't an accident and you dug this info out behind his back - nothing to be proud of. I've known plenty of insecure, privacy - picking women who won't live in peace until finding out some nasty little detail about their partner that they didn't want them to know. Second mistake - if you've already found him on a sex hookup site - then you're definitely doing something wrong intimately speaking. Guys rarely go out fishing unless they're sexually unstatisfied. So you get a YDI from me because once again, the offender chooses to play the victim and that's you, OP.

#80 Chances are that it wasn't an accident, although I have heard of people accidently leaving things open on a shared device and gotten caught that way. Although some people are insecure as you described, there are many who don't go looking unless given a reason to. Perhaps he was throwing up red flags so she wanted to be sure before falsely accusing her bf. As far as you saying that men only cheat if they aren't getting what they want in the bedroom, that is without fact and a grossly inaccurate assumption. Men and women cheat for various reasons and while sexual dissatisfaction is definitely one of them, it is certainly not the only one. Cheaters may also cheat out of boredom, distance, insecurities, lack of sex with partner, low self esteem, etc. Maybe not getting any is the reason YOU cheat, but you cannot (with any reasonable accuracy) speak for every man (or woman) who cheats.

52, I saw the conversation with my own eyes. The guy was spouting really mean lies about why we had "broken up." We weren't broken up at the time. I left him as soon as I talked to him about the messages and he tried lying some more by saying that that wasn't about me. I saw the date he posted them, he was a moron.