By hedgehog5 / Saturday 11 April 2009 19:14 / United States
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  dragead  |  2

um, ok, first off, you must not have payed attention during biology. A and B are both dominant, so it is impossible to have Ab blood and be and A blood type. It would make you AB type. duh. Also, O is recessive, so if there was a B with the O, the blood type would be B. Check your facts before posting next time

  FreddyMustDie  |  0

OP I hope for your sakes and for the rest of mankind that you don't become a geneticist

  MyraHem  |  0

hey 331, you're an idiot. The phenotype A can either be expressed through genotypes AA or AO. The phenotype O can only be expressed through genotype OO. A and B both cause specific markers on blood cells. O does not. Therefore, AO only has A receptors and AA only has A receptors, making the blood type A. Same with B. The only way to get no receptors, blood type O, is to have the genotype OO. Now that that's explained... AA x OO yields: 100% chance of blood type A (AO, AO, AO, and AO) AO x OO yields: 50% chance of blood type O (OO, OO) 50% chance of blood type A (AO, AO) OP, you better hope your mother has a Bombay Phentoype, otherwise there's something your parents aren't telling you.


Actually you can be their child; epigenetic's plays a huge role. With blood types you have the up front genes Ia, Ib and i leading to the old type A, type B. type AB, and type O but before these proteins are made your body makes cells with organelles to make those proteins, if those are both recessive then no matter what they are type O even, if their genetically coded for Ib,Ib or homozygous type B. so if your dad was heterozygous for type A (Ia,i) you mom could hold the genes for Ib,Ib or Ib,I either way leading to a 50/50 for type B blood or type A. This is known as the Bombay phenotype; you're not weird, you're not a Freak, and you're not illegitimate. :) I was in AP Bio; I got a five. Hopefully this helps.

  okiidokii_fml  |  6

No well acually it's possible that the ops dad maybe his mom and dad where O and B or the moms was A and B and you just go it from ur ansestors

By  Ron_fml  |  0

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  saminess714  |  0

It's not possible. His parent would be BO not OB. O is always just O, but O can come after A or B. Unless one of his parents is AB or BO, it's not posible. The possible genotypes for A type blood are AA and AO. O is just OO. Therefore, if one of your parents really has O blood, they're OO. If your other parent really is type A, then they're either AA or AO. That means it IS impossible to have type B blood. Ask your O parent whether they're really O or if they're BO.

By  ohhhhshizzz  |  0

Im relly confused. I think it is possible. Who knows but you should just confront your 'rents.


Today, I was getting my picture taken with my mom and grandma for a portrait. I said it was going to be beautiful when it was done, with three generations of our family in it. My grandma said that would be true, if I weren't adopted. FML

By GraceWaldorf93 - / Thursday 3 December 2015 16:45 / Belize - Belize City
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