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  ThatHorse  |  15

Me too.
Though I have some experience with this and I can say YES IT HURTS.
I actually fractured several bones in addition to dislocation mine though so hopefully OP isn't as bad off as I was.

  iiTzNeeNerz  |  26

Sorry you had to experience that. My sister is having to get surgery for it. She has to stop during meals to pop and adjust her jaw all the time because it constantly locks. It sounds so painful.

By  ambitiousnerd  |  16

I had that happen to me when I was 13. Took 9 months of PT and wearing mouth splints before I could fully close my mouth. Then again my case was severe. Hopefully yours isn't as bad.

By  tzimtzee  |  3

Definitely need more info, is it seized up in the open position so you look like something out of the mummy or is it unhinged completely and just flappin around?

Hope they get your face back in order soon!