By ohhmydamn - 31/7/2009 21:12 - United States
Today, I found out if you slide down the stairs on a foam matress topper, it just folds under instead of sliding. Then you slide the rest of the way down on your knees and break your nose at the bottom. FML
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  kewlcat  |  0

i think mine worse.
i had a small leather-ish mat at my school and i thought i could slide across the cafeteria floor...
well turns out once it gets weight on it, it doesnt move.
aka i pretty much jumped to the ground face first..
everyone saw.

  razzumfrazzum  |  0

Hey hey, what we Americans lack in pure brain power we make up for in ingenuity......besides our military can beat up your military >:P

I was definitely replying to #103 but w/e

  Nakedsquirrel  |  5

Heh, I get that sometimes when I read about nasal stuff or otherwise see something painful happen to one's nose. Psychosomatic is the word for it I think. The feeling, I mean.

On a really bad day, just visualizing onions is enough to make my nose tingle and eyes water. WHY DID YOU GIVE ME THESE WORTHLESS POWERS GOD? THEY CANT EVEN BE USED FOR EVIL!