By Anonymous - 26/05/2010 20:14 - Switzerland

Today, I found out I'm allergic to the pills my doctor prescribed for coughing, which I really need because I ripped a muscle in my stomach. Now my whole upper body is covered in a terrible itchy rash. I also found out it will last for at least another week. FML
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That really sucks abs.

damn you ripped a stomach muscle?! that's pretty unfortunate.... tryin to get them defined abs huh? 


thar really sucks

suck it up if you were like the FLYERS you would never quit

that sucks real hard check if you could take allergy pills if doctor says it alright:)

Howd you rip a tummy muscle? =!

dude that suucckkksss

sucks fyl can you sue?

So a ripped muscle stomach & a gross rash. yuck

can anybody say anything else than..."sucks". gosh i would think some people here would have a bigger vocabulary.

#21 OK dam this is some fucking bullshit and shouldn't you and your doctor know what you are allergic to

Well at least it's only a week! Don't itch it and hopefully it won't scar. In the meantime have your doctor prescribe a new medication, preferably one that you're not allergic to!

yeah why would you sue, it's not like the doctors going to know what you're allergic to if you dont even know

just be glad it's not anything more serious ps. how do you do the little pictures

Get the emoji app. 

hmm thank you haha =]]

WHAT IS WITH THESE WIMPY FMLS I mean yeah that must hurt but the old fml stories were so much worse. about a month ago I saw an fml that said I confused a penguin for a cat WTF?

OP couldn't sue unless the dr knowingly gave his patient a medication he knew his patient was allergic to. and in that case, OP should know what he is allergic to, know what he is being prescribed, and ask questions before taking said medication. come on people :/ I'm losing faith in the ability to think rationally here.

 yay i did it haha thanks jessie 

31-I ripped a chest muscle fro a horrid cough and got prescribed a med I've never been on before and guess what? I got horrible hives on arms, legs and stomach. it can and does happen.

that sux az maaaan AFP Shuld go diein a pit sumerw Is a botch

that sucks my giant thick overgrown big pink finger

gawsh I know right? it's ridiculous! how bout you show us some examples instead of whining because it seems your vocabulary isn't astounding.

Don't worry Hope, some of us still have brains. :) Taylor- You're welcome!

Ask your doctor to perscrible you some antibiotics; that will at least helpwith the rash. But yea, fyl with the coughing and muscle pain because of it.

Stop being suck a drama queen. Eat a snicker.

Jessie- how's it been  like the new

#55 lol that will work but i think he doesnt got hunger

I know jessie. I just can't stand the immediate reaction to want to sue someone. half the time is doesn't make sense :/

Did you at least stop coughing? Cuz...the rash AND still coughing would be pretty bad!

58 you never know he might be. should be happy! The rash is on your UPPER body! Haha!

rawr that maybe so but what if hes also allergic to chocolate and why do you have 2 accounts

Hope- Exactly! And in most cases it'd take more time, money, and effort than it's worth! Conclusion: sueing on an impulse = foolish

ouch pulled stomach muscles hurt bad enough... I couldn't imagine that!

hey, everyone wants to look like they're 15 with acne problems right? :)

I pulled a stomach muscle turning over in my sleep the other night. it definitely is not something pleasant to wake up to :(

Lol I guess. Because my other account started to trip balls.

@39 I  the emoji app :)

@74 I bet you sucked them after you tripped them 

@60 really ?? Never knew that *sarcastic*

rawr, i was wondering why you had 2 accounts and it probly did that cause 2 many views or something

pussy monster. really don't start with me. I don't talk shit to you because I don't know you.

blah blah blah blah. really that's all I see when u type. and umm since you don't know m and I don't know you then it makes everything easier :)

79 I forgot your name. But i don't know about that.

rawr not a big deal tho i got great memory until it comes to school work:)

"blah blah blah" how old are you? You sound like a sheep. I bet you are a sheep.

43: Do you ever moderate the submitted FMLs? If you did you'd know that these are the best of what's submitted. When half the submissions are "OMG I tripped in front of my crush!" or "My gf was diagnosed with Blue Waffle" you gotta take what you can get. Suck it up or go elsewhere =

83 I hope you haven't got into a fight again.

I'm 17 years old. you want to know my social security number too?!

cookie stfu ur ugly and rawrcupcakes is hotter, btw rawr can u take the writing out of your pic?

*wow* I never knew a sheeps sound had an L in it. or maybe just some idiots think so. like someone who needs to lay low on the makeup

rawr, i promise I wont starting the Monday that is coming up(my friends might need some help)

@90 stfu was I talking to you? no and I don't care wat u say. your just a perverted guy who wants to see her boobs over the Internet. 

pussy monster act your age. I was 17 and I never acted that. And if I wear a lot of makeup whats it to you? (go)(lick)(camel's)(toe) #94 stop being a problem maker.

woah rawr and cookie y r u fighting as one famous guy on fml put it we r all just a big fml family this is a time for a song"why can't we be friends why can't we be friends...and then I forget the rest of the words"

not my fault your a bitch over fml because your ugly and she's not.

cookie why do you say shit about rawr #97 because cookie is a troll and your a little perv wanting rawr 2 remove letters

trouble maker** #97 I didn't start anything. And I didn't say anything bad to her. She has this big ass lesbian crush on me. And I would date her but she needs to grow up.

it's ok rawr just let it go even if you didn't do anything

guys im jokin around chill

rawrcupcake isz friqqen FAKE ii see all ha damn pics all ova the Internet ( facebook myspace tinypic photobucket ] sthop usinq Otha pppls pics rawrSLUTface

105 I am fake lol haha no Hun I am not. I met up with some from here. let me get a hold of him.

#105 STFU u fake no pic so don't say nothing

105 u have no room to talk you have a mustache take out a razor blade and stop commenting on other girls pics and I'll stop commenting on urs

ya 108 just search rawrcupcake in those websitez . she'z FAKE

lol they just hating on me.

if yu ask ha for proof she makez up excuseszz

Rawr, there gonna make a profile and take all the photos you put as profile and i know shes not fake because she puts a different pic almost every week

@112 She's the one who said I'm starting shit again when I only commented twice and I wasn't even talking to her. So shush

at 7, GO FLYERS!!!! and OP, that sucks

116 i can prove it. not saying i am not. my myspace is i have a facebook but i am never on it google me i guess Rose Palafox. And chris the guy from here also know as romskiies cant get on fml to tell you he met up with me yesterday. Also want my address ill give it to you.

117 she can take pics from dha Otha gurl DURR rawr show us sum proof oo wait " yur camera broke or yu don't need to prove anythinq "

oo pls anyone can make a FAKEE myspace durrr take a pic for us tu prove yur real

Idonthate y do u talk like that ur like "oh no she ain't she best be trippin" ur not black

stop being a bitch yu act like one on everything you post on.. god

that's it? what's your email?

rawr, i know how you can prove it but i doubt you will do it

oh and uh stop bein a fake.. yes we know that's not yu in yur picture..!

y r people saying that's not her real picture? yeah like she's gonna go out and find someones picture and put it as her own

ya rawr write idonthate here's proof on a paperrr nd MSG me dha link here on fml

129 how and I will do both. I am going to prove to her that it's me.

why do you type like a retard idonthate?

dude do you have to pay for the emoji

nope she can't because she's a fake

Rawr, you could video chat if u do i would like 2 go first :)

that "idonthate" chic needs to get a life. shutup, rawr is NOT a fake and she's gorgeous, so get over yourself.

who here has an iPhone and has the app call knocking videos. it's live recording video add me my username is rawrcupcakesz

140 im actually with rawr im protecting her

you lil girls need to stfu and stop trying to start useless arguments one the Internet just because you have no "friends" and she isn't fake fyi

ANYWAYZ liek I said rawr take a pic sayinq ' I'm real idonthate ' on paperrr if that's rly yu

@134 rawr sorry for being a very mean person to you. I promise I won't say not one thing bad about or to you I was a very stupid person. I realized how I acted. I hope you forgive me.  and I believe that that's your picture and the mustache girl is lying to make you look bad. so will you forgive me?? :)

idonthate your username doesn't fit you. and just let me get ready. I been lazy today and yeah give me about 1 hour and a half but I'll send you the picture

Rawr dam i don't got iPhone but i do use ooVoo so if you ever want 2 video chat

well yourwelcome :)

no prob. rose, but they are fxcking annoying if your gonna threadjack make it funny and not stupid and immature. your parents should disconnect you from the Internet lol

haha i wonder how cookie and the others must feel they wont troll till some other day

haha I told you my park was tiny. And FYI Chris is better looking in person. but yeah let me get off so I can take the damn picture.

rawrsluttycakes isz fakefakeFAKEE

Yea and I'm sorry for watevr I did to you. I don't feel like scrolling up. Ive done that too many times today lol. Did rawr see my apology???

lol yea but that is like tiny haha, I seen a smaller one tho at hermosa beach lol haha thx :}

idonthate dont start with this shit again

idonthate y is it important even if she is fake? if u prove she is fake what are you gonna gain from it. If I were u rawr I wouldn't prove anything to someone who talks trash on the internet. You dont have to prove anything to anyone...especially a internet hater. OP that sucks for u and I hope u get better!

she's even worse when you pm her lol.

no dha bxtch isz FAKE bcuz I know the REAL gurl in those picz she sent me a VIDEO if yu wanna see iht MSG me

why do you care so much even if she isn't real. this is a pointless argument.


why yu here ?! qo take dha pic cuz yu fuckinq FAKE

okay? Chris I guess the person you saw yesterday was a ghost lol. haha I just need to striaghten my hair and picture is almost going to get done.

Rawr, if any1 trys to troll you then you just message me and i will come if im online

apparently so rose, apparently that wasn't you who I kicked it with at the park :O pinche estupida de mierda callate Nina que no entiende

angel I am just fine thankyou for asking!:) I'm eating sweetarts, so it's impossible to be anything else. what about yourself?:D

my day has been tiring thx for asking, how is yours?

and I guess you were a ghost and my nieces. shit we live in ghost town.

Sam yea, you could be a tart :P lol

@184 rawr did you forgive me? Did you see my apology??

Holy crap guys! Sorry I missed the big FML throwdown!

Holy shit. Reading idonthate's comments is like reading a mentally retarded second grader's comments. And why do you people care so much about Rawr's pic? Oh ya, you don't have a life.

romskiies is only person that I seen on fml that puts picks of abs and shows his face a little

our swim teams motto is "see you in the showers" I always thought that was kinda weird.

@189 are you mad at me? Like do you hate me?

idonthate. You are a joke. Don't label your self one way and act another.

Sam, why are you so gorgeous!? Oh well, your my wife so I get to kiss your gorgeousness.

Ya, but im her main squeeze xD


so what are you trying to say about my pic sanchez??

That's SO 5 minutes ago.

You bastard 203 :( at my favorite place!

I'm trying to say that your not 1 of those ppl who just put pics of abs and never change it I think you had a black and white pic

oh haha yea I did have black n white one but thought I should change it

your pic is fake and even if it was real your ugly

haha he does look like a circle with a line... that would be weird to see at the grocery store...

Ahhhh 214, adorable baby :)

173. learn English please? thanks! ps. if you want to make rawr look stupid, key is to stop typing like a retarded monkey on crack.

im gonna go to sleep got to wake up early (im NY so probly have time difference)

damn straight jimmy! :) it's been a while since I've been on this. and yes Hailey you're my favorite<3 (don't tell!)


Jimmy if you tell Adrianna, Jessie, Rawr, or any of the other pretty girls on this thing I swear to god I will find you and make your life miserable. love you! <3 :D

Aha. He's just jealous that you love me the bestest (:

Samantha you should bring all your wifes onto Jerry springer.

hey everybody doesn't it look like idonthate has got a stasche

damn that would be like 4375 wives. and 1 hubby :D I wuv my jakey. I think though if you look at it, I'm the man in this relationship lol. FUCK!

It doesn't matter. I'm Sam's favorite wife. We have the most fun. Especially in bed. Aha (:

LMAO SAAAM! you got a shitload of wives! kinda been too busy to check fml hahaaa. im glad you havent forgotten about me <3 and this thread is hilarious hhaha SOMEONE needs to learn how to spell!

^^^ I'm pretty sire she is gone now.

Rawr: love it! Jimmy: it's on.

Lmfao at Rawr. Your pic is amazing and totally owns all these stupid whores who called you fake :)

lol I got a paper cut on my lip tho.

Adriana! I love you buttercup!

*yawn* hey guys what did I miss

rose you should take another but without that sign :)

Adrianaaaaa gimme your hair (:

well I tried to post that I won't be on for awhile. Chris my stepmom is getting worst. They just move her to a better hospital. I am freaken scared.

Hailey gimme your face!

thanks Hailey, she's my miracle baby!

I love YOU Samm :D And aww Hailey! Haha! Gimme YOUR hair! and you totally remind me of someone but i cant put my finger on it ahhh

oh I'm srry :( tx/call me if u need to talk

Jimmy: that's cause mine are dull and boring! sometimes the turn green though. I have a picture it's pretty cool :) I'd switch looks with anyone lol.

Oh gosh I got tired of reading that bullshit. =/ Why are people giving rose crap?

I want to know if I can change my picture now.

ky! my other wifey :) <3 idk it was just that one chic. she does it alot, I started messaging her one day and to be honest I have no idea what she was talking about cause iHHT LUKED LiEK DiHHSS. she needs to grow up.

oh noes! my buzz is gone :(

well I'm tired of threadjacking for now. I'll leave it up to you kidd-o's haha

I'll text you Chris.

yes you can do whatever you want rose fafp

Sam- Shut up before I punch you in the face! You are freaking gorgeous and don't need to change a thing. So just be happy! :) Adriana- Reread that ^ And insert your name! :)

You're 243928th favorite wifey =P Hi Sam! Rose, if you're still here you're lovely. Idonthate is probably a 53 year old hairy man. Ick!

please like this photo! its for a contest!

hey cookie monster. with great respect. shut up haha

shut the fuck up u stupid whore......she didn't do or say anything to u so obviously ur lacking in family love an u need attention from random ur back cup cake 

Your* Ugh Welcome Rose(: Gah, it's been a long day. =P

I wonder if idonthate feels stupid. And everyone else that thought I was fake.

feeling stupid is probably something idonthate is used to, so whatever.

So how's everyone tonight.

Rawr: feeeeeelin gooood lol. I just got back from running around my neighborhood screaming.

I'm good, I think =/ Eee Sam, why did you feel the need to scream at your neighbors?

Wtf is this thread-jack about basically? I got so lost scrolling through..

That's good ky Why were you screaming?

Yes ma'am. How're you? Ra-ra- I have absolutely nooo clue! Someone said Rose's picture was fake and then I got tired of reading.

this is extremely late; but hmmm I'd have to agree that rawr is way hotter then that cookie troll

Rawr: idk I'm freaking out right now lol :) :) Raleigh!

Nah, that's def Rose in her pic haha.. Who said that her pic was a fake? Hey Sam (:


I miss you in a wierd Internet ish way :)

Ra! I *heart* your new picture!

Uhmm I'll be back fellow threadjackers. I have to take a showerr.

I've missed you too Sam :P. You and Jess actually haha, feels like I haven't heard from you two in awhile. And thank you Jess (: I just got my new tat done tonight and had to take a pic of it because SOMEONE forced me.. *points to Ky-ky*

you just got it done? amazing. I wish I could have one lol :) my parents would slaughter the fuck out of me though.

Yeah someone called me fake. OMG i just saw this on youtube boy falling off mall escalator in turkey.

DUDE I have that exact same iPhone case raleigh. just thought I'd point that out.

Landen, my iPhone doesn't have a case on it. Yah, Sam. I just got it done like a couple hours ago.. Still stings like shit.

hey it's funyon boy :)

hahhaha it doesn't? wow,it sure looks like it does. hmmm I'm tweakingggg. Sammy girl :)

Ahaha, yea you're out there Landen :o What have you been smoking?

I'm sorry big brother :( that sounds alot worse than my hand-stab inncident this morning lol. funyon boy! how have you been?:)

to recap for all who became confuzzled through the scrolling conondrum basically two trolls started trolling on rose, then one sai sorry and the other kept at her nagging & what not even tho I personally know she isn't fake and yea.. & I'll be back around 3 hrs or so from now gonna hit the gumskiies at 1030 at night I <3 24hr fitness :D

gymskiies* & if you still don't get it the gym lol fafp

Sam, wtf are you doing stabbing yourself in your hand?

to be honest I haven't smoked all day ral. but I'd love to get some of that shit like that commercial...when the chick talks to her dog. haha those commercials are so fucking retarded. funyon boy is doingg good besides my stubed toe that hurts likaa bitch, how about Sammy girl?(:

oh yeah I totally did it on purpose! no I was screwing around in class with a very sharp pencil and it got stuck in my hand then i pulled it out after a while then I started bleeding everywhere lol. I should probably clean it. I hope I don't get lead poisioning! :O that would suck.

Ra- Well it looks good! Sorry it hurts though...should I kiss it and make it better? *mwah* There ya go! Better?

obvious troll is obvious

funyonboy: I'm great except there's lead still stuck in my hand and I lost my pants. wtf how do you lose pants!

Sammypie- Pencils have graphite not lead, so I think you're safe :) Unless it gets an infection! Put some neosporin on that thing!

I think pencils are made of graphite now, so you shouldn't get lead poisoning, I think? Sammie I don't think you should be allowed around sharp objects. You need to get a personal-size dry erase board.

haha I love you guys :) yeah i'll stick to ballpoint pens from now on. and thank god! I hate any type of poisioning. god damn it I'm out of blue sweetarts.

flyers suck flyers suck haha I actually kinda wish u guys had a chance of winning the Stanley cup against Chicago but u don't which sucks because I hate Chicago blackhawks I'm a Canucks fan so Better hope Philly kills Chicago and wins doubt it tho and op I'm so sorry that sucks

Landen dude, everything you write makes me laugh lol.. I've never seen that commercial, bruh. Sam, I've done that so many times haha. How come you never take care of yourself when you're hurt lol? Last time you hurt your side playing soccer or something you just let it bleed, do you like seeing your bodily fluids spew everywhere :o? Anna, thank you for your compliment :). I know I make you mad A LOT, but I'm sorry.. You just infuriate me sometimes and I know I should say something to try to make the situation better, but I end up saying the first thing that pops into my mind which is usually mean lol.

We lovee you too! (Ithinkyoushouldcomeletmekissitwifey;) Ra-ra, I don't know who Anna is but you say mean things a lot! You should really work on that.

Raleigh: no you shouldve seen me Saturday! you know my scab? it ripped off and I found out when my blood was all over heather and I looked down to find pretty much my whole arm bleeding AGAIN. worse than the first time, so we got a cloth taped to it so I didn't bleed on people and heathers clothes lol. but when we got to her house the cloth was stuck to my ugly ugly fleshy arm, so we ripped it off then it started bleeding again and I passed out. it was pretty interesting.

Omg Ra I just Internet kissed your sore newly tattooed arm and you just blow my off?How rude! (ha that makes me think of Full House :))

Ky-ky, I do NOT say mean things a lot. Also, I get my old account back manana. Let's hope I can make it until then without something else stupid happening. Anna, why do you love to piss me off?

Something else stupid happening? What happened that was stupid?

ky: of course wifey!:)

Jess I seriously didn't see that comment lol, forrealskies. Thank you for the kiss :P, even though now that you've kissed it you probably have A&D ointment all over your lips haha.. Sam, I'm going to put you into hospital seriously. I know you've lost like half your blood by now haha.

haha from what the last 4 days :) lol thats sad. oh fuck my fish is dead!

Ra- Ahaha I'll survive, pinky promise! As long as it doesn't taste bad... xP Sammykins- RIP fishy :(

I don't think I look adorable when I'm mad, I think I look mad when I'm mad (: Haha, competition?

lol, it probably died from not feeding it since December.. I'm going to be a terrible parent!

Ra- I think you look adorable with that confuzzled look on your face! Ahaha :D)) Sam- Oh jeez, your poor, poor unborn children :/

You better not bleed on my mouth though! Wifey, how do you expect me to have our children if you can't even take care of a fish?! Poor thing! haha

Why can't I see Rawr's comments:(

never seen that commercial ral? hmm.well it is pretty old. Kylie! I'mswitchingtomyfunyonsaccountsoreplyonthataccount

I'm sorry! lol :) I'll take classes. holy fuck really? guess who's bleeding again -.- lol. stupid stairs.. jesus christ! one day I'm going to accidently kill myself.

Thank you Jess haha, that's my normal face though :P. Anna, I will not accept your compliment just yet :P. I must argue you down a little bit more before I decide to give into your wants (: Lol, the FML ladies love me? Pshh, I've got more haters on this site now than people that love me.. I'm not too popular for you, I promise :). And don't tell me you don't know about this when you already do, you just don't want to admit it ;)

Well good night everyone.

I'm actually a pretty good chef, so I could make you something a lot better than a 'sammich' if you'd prefer :) Lol, I like my kitchen :( and you didn't even help me paint it so you don't really have a say on how it looks :P. Just saying. I hate seeing spots on my wall I missed.. My sheets have been clean, so it's safe to lay on them. I'm OCD about that also, so you won't have to worry.

If you forget you have a fish for 5 months, you definitely need more than a class Sammie =P You hurt yourself AGAIN? You need a giant bubble to walk around in. Landen I already replied on ispitflames. Sooo go read it then write me back on funyons(:

fuckkk Kylie I hate you. making me logout of this account& login to another account to read a Msg then logout of that account then login to this account then expect me to remember what your Msg was about? ahhhhhh fml! too much for landennn :p

Yes silly landen. Copy and paste into word! You hate me? What about all those things you said? :'(

& oh Sammy girl, you lost your pants? how'd you manage to do that? .super.late.reply.I.know.

i love you kylieeeee(: word? psh im on a iphone but ahh copy and paste! good plan! I shall do so

Liar! Hurryy uppp

it really does... that's why u should go for home made remedies they taste weird but are effective no like regular medicine that cures one thing but with side effects gives u another to take care of...

gay ass nigger bitch fuck balls blowjob sex blumpkin

5th and that sucks :(

damn suck for you. make sure you can take the meds next time

lols, sucks to be you

Hahhaaa, sucks for you.