By hottygirl905 - 24/04/2012 11:50 - United States - Port Saint Lucie

Today, I found out I have a kidney infection. Now I'm forced to drink at least 4 glasses of water before going to bed. I also have to be woken up every two hours to be told to, "GO PEE BEFORE YOU DIE!" by my mother. FML
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Well, what are you waiting for? GO PEE BEFORE YOU DIE!

Water you waiting for? Pee what I did there? But I'm not just kidneying around.


Well, what are you waiting for? GO PEE BEFORE YOU DIE!

Shhhhhhhh! He isn't asleep yet! Pee before you go to sleep, though. Sorry for your kidney infection... Search the black market for a new one. :)

Haha #10 I read your comment in a whisper..

As you are embedding a quote, the comma before "GO PEE BEFORE YOU DIE!" is unnecessary. If you were to say, "My mom said, 'GO PEE BEFORE YOU DIE!'" then you would be correct, but when used with the phrase "told to" or other phrases used to embed a quote, including the comma is actually incorrect. Grammar nazi strikes again...

#65- sht duh Fuqq up u Fuqqqin N0 lyffee !! (But aside from that, i do speak correct English and have pretty good grammar)

76 - "I". In proper English, the "i's" are always capitalized.

Good luck :)

65, Go fuck a knife.

I actually didn't have a problem with 65's comment because they were respectful. Grammar nazis are only annoying when they are assholes about it. 65 basically gave us a simple grammar lesson that was devoid of insults and also of any holier than thou attitude so I don't really see the problem.

88 - more of Grammar Schindler?

Grammar nazi is an unwanted jerk.

Better than a catheter.

2- No way, really!?

Hence it being on FML....

Your picture goes along with your comment :D

Kidneeds to pee

^ Very creative (:

Better than dying, I guess..

Anything is better than dying... That's just very unfortunate op, at least your mother cares about your health and well being :)

Anything? I think not... Being enslaved forever, ordeath? Death. Sex slave, or death? Death. Tortured, or death? Obvious...

I disagree. Death is the end. Depending on your religious beliefs, nothing comes after it. It's all over. Slavery, sexual or not, and torture? You can live through that and live an amazing life afterwards.

Good advice. Don't do it the other way round.

Cool story Bro..

Unlike your comment.

I don't see where kidney infection or crazy mom equals cool.

Wow, sounds awful.... Now go pee before you die!!

they are awful i had one before. at some point the sight of water makes you want to puke!

Aww I'm sorry :/ that must really be terrible

Water you waiting for? Pee what I did there? But I'm not just kidneying around.

Noorfml, you never cease to amuse me. You never piss me off. urine a good position with me.

better to do that that than dying....