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Today, I found out I got a 97 on my physics final exam. I was curious about the question I missed, so I went up to my teacher and asked. He was very confused and checked my grade again before telling me, "Oh my bad, it was meant to be a 79." FML
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Sometimes it's better to leave well enough alone.

The grade was already 79, he just wrote it wrong on the paper he gave to them, the place he had it written down on would be his grade book he uses to input grades into the system. They just found out what their actual grade was

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"Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back." is the full quote.

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# 15, no it's not. And there was a translation error. The saying was originally worry/stress killed the cat.

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Actually, he is right. That is the full quote.

Curiosity did kill the cat but the cat died happy.

meow~ *dead* How dare that Mars rover be allowed to murder cats at will.

97 is good enough, so I would've left it at that.

Nothing wrong with trying to know what you got wrong so you can improve for the future.

It's one question, depending on the test, so it shouldn't matter that much if you got it wrong

Honestly, years ago I got 99% in a mid-year math exam. I was sick for a couple of days when the teacher explained what made me lose that one point, but I still didn't bother asking. Well, that one thing I didn't understand came back at the final exam more than once, and even when the next school year began, I still remember that there were three important questions about that same thing on the first exam, and on those two exams I did lose many points-and finally learned the hard way. I'm just saying, in my case it appeared to be just a small detail the day I got 99%, and yet you never know what may happen... There will always be show-offs, asking simply for the attention, but I learned that it's also useful to discretely ask someone what you did wrong so that you can understand right away. When you don't know what you actually got wrong, you can only ask the teacher.

If only the original grade/mark was 96. "Creepy smile and long stare".

I don't understand how this got so many thumbs down! ?

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I'd assume so, as that's what any decent teacher would do.

Well that's a big mistake there, but my teachers said that if they incorrectly marked an answer wrong they'd change it but not vice versa

Yeah but there is a big difference between a 79 and a 97, especially on a final exam

Most teachers that I've had generally said that if they made a mistake and gave a higher grade they'd leave it as is because it was there mistake. That being said there's a huge difference between a 97 and 79 I doubt any teacher would give a student two letter grades higher than deserved without being forced to curve the entire classes scores to stay fair.

I've actually heard of some schools having a global policy of teachers not being allowed to change grades down, which I've personally always found nonsense...

I'm a teacher. My policy has always been that if I make an error, I give the student the higher mark, but I don't think I've ever made that big of an error. I don't think, in good conscience, I could give a student an A when he deserved a C.

You just had to be an overachiever.

How was OP greedy? They wanted to check on the answer they got wrong, probably in hopes of learning from it. I always went over my tests and looked at my wrong answers. What's the point of having tests, if not to see what areas you need to work on?