By bossproblems - United States - Orlando
Today, I found out how my salesmen are "entertaining" themselves since they were told they can't have their cell phones on them. They are pulling straws to see who will pretend to trip and fall face-first onto the floor in front of customers. FML
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By  Aziraya  |  18

While it's certainly annoying, I feel you certainly deserve this at some level. You need to treat your employees like responsible adults. That means not taking away their things as if they were misbehaving school children. If phone-use on shifts have become a problem then simply make it clear that it isn't tolerated unless it is an emergency and that they will be terminated if they don't put in an honest effort for their paychecks. Yes, you're paying them so you deserve to get your money's worth out of them, but taking away their phones is definitely not the way to do that. If you treat them like kids, you'll get kid-like behavior out of them.

  lysx84  |  24

Nobody said their phones were taken off of them, just that they couldn't carry them on their person. I expect the same of my staff - leave phones away from sales floor, you can play on your break away from any customers like a good adult employee.


Not allowing them to keep their phones on them is another way of taking them away. You're forbidding someone from keeping their property on themselves. I have to agree with this, my last job had the same rule and honestly, unless an employee is constantly playing and distracted by it, it's a stupid rule. It doesn't hurt anything if the phone is on them and they're not using it. We live in a technological world and some companies and bosses need to accept this. I don't want my phone on me at work so I can play games or whatever else. I want it to, check the time, or more importantly, have it in case there is an emergency with any of my family or boyfriend, or I'm also a guardian to my little sister and if she's sick or needs to be picked up from school, she needs to be able to reach me.
When I'm at work I will do my job perfectly fine. However, I need to have my phone on me because I have a life outside of work that needs to be able to contact me of it's important. I know companies and bosses don't like to hear this, but I'm a person, not just an employee, and my life outside of work is the priority and always will be.

  HighasaCloud  |  46

#11 If phones are such a necessity, then how is it that people were made aware of emergencies before cell phones?

It's an age-old trope; people will swear that something only serves one purpose and find every excuse imaginable for why a pefectly suitable alternative isn't adequate (bonus points for trying to flip it around and act like you are outraged for being mistrusted.)

Your place of employment has a phone. You will be paged if there is an emergency. Despite your best attempts to claim it isn't fast enough or to cite possibilities about nobody answering the phone or nobody delivering the message to you, (bonus points for being emotional about an imagined-worst case scenario) you simply can't handle the deprivation of your occasional seeing what's been newly posted or the latest snap from that sexy guy you met the other day.

And who could blame you? I mean, anyone would hate themselves when they read a message after work sent 4 hours ago, saying "I have an available ticket for the biggest show of the year! You in? I need a reply within the hour or I will need to ask someone else"

Who can't reclaim 5 dollars from their vices to buy a plastic digital watch? And if you nitpick the details, you've clearly missed the point


Considering they have to "entertain" themselves without their cellphones, I think it's safe to say they don't need to have them because clearly they abuse the right to have them while at work.

  tounces7  |  27

The world functioned before modern medicine, too, if you don't mind all the people that died.

Just because the world didn't end prior to technological advances doesn't mean that we should give them up now.

  Redgy22  |  26

You're at work. You work. If there's an emergency, I'm sure there's a land line for people to use either to call in or out. No reason to have a phone in your person especially if you choose to play on them rather than work. Time to play "grown up."