By brokeforever - 18/03/2015 22:23 - Latvia - Riga

Today, I found out how much those tiny dogs cost when my German Shepherd ate one. FML
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It's a dog-eat-dog world out there

how could you let something like that happen??


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1. Pretend your German Shepherd is a police dog designed to seek out drugs 2. Insist that the other dog must have been carrying drugs 3. Ask where they got the other dog 4. Be like "oh yeah there are lots of drugs from there yeah" 5. They don't believe you 6. "Your dog is made of drugs" 7. Run

8. Turn back and say "sorry, your dog WAS made of drugs."

I don't find any of that particularly funny. Someone's beloved pet is dead.

rachelfromtarget 14

It's interesting how the smaller something is the less value its life has. People are weird.

The little dog could've brought it on itself. My neighbors have these little chihuahuas that constantly bite and nip at my lab. Luckily for them, he is less prey oriented than a German shepherd and doesn't fight back.

Yeah we all think that diamonds is worthless

I wish more people see this, I am sick of the people that don't train their dogs at all. Thank you for that, #142

#167 You have diamonds that are alive?

rachelfromtarget 14

diamonds is worthless

I have no idea why so many people down voted you :( it's true. I got upset when my friends dog attacked my hamster, I couldnt even imagine my dog getting hurt ;-;

ghostriley 14

It was a good thing that the big dog ate the little dogs I hate all dogs they to me are like hitler and the Jews

It's a dog-eat-dog world out there

You win. The internet is yours for the day

That's quite a compliment

successful dark humor

Nailed it lmao.

how could you let something like that happen??

hamrtym 15

You think he just sat back, whipped out his phone yelling WORLDSTAR! and watched it all happen?

you dont even know if OP was there or not

Exactly, the OP's dog is her responsibility! German shephards are intense dogs and not everyone should own one. This FML needs more YDIs, control your dog people. the tiny dog was someone's beloved pet.

Yes!!! Your "world star" comment made my day!!

#87, my boxer almost bit a chihuahua in half because the damn thing wouldn't leave her alone. Just kept barking in her face. German shepherd probably got provoked. It's on both owners, for letting their dogs outside and not keeping an eye on them.

My Yorkshire terrier was attacked in my yard by a German Shepherd after it jumped the fence and mauled my dad. You have no idea if it was outside on a public street or in a yard or anything.

You can't say that #87, what if OP wasn't there? What if OP takes her dog to a dog-sitter when they're at work during the day? OP can't control something if they weren't even there when it happened.

Because dogs don't escape at all or anything, right?

German shepards are an amazing breed. What do you mean not everyone should own one? I've had 3 in my life and they're easily trained, extremely loyal and they protect their family. The little rat dog probably provoked the Shepard in some way. OP obviously didn't state the whole story so it's just assumptions.

So it's now a "rat dog" that "provoked" them because you love the ops dogs breed? You are making just as much assumptions as well as insulting a deceased pet.

My staffy bit through the nose of another dog that stuck it's nose through our front fence. OP's dog could've just been defending its territory, which if that was the case I wouldn't pay.

Both owners are responsible for keeping their dogs safe and separated around strange dogs. I keep my Yorkie away from all strange dogs, even ones her size because aggression can happen, owners should supervise their dogs around children or other animals to see how they behave together. The GS could have been provoked or might have just attacked the dog for a myriad of reasons. I feel bad for the owner of the tiny dog, and that you seem to care about the money. I'm sure you would feel much different if the owner of that dog, shot and killed your dog the second in came near them aggressively. Oh and I like all breeds of dogs, so it is not a preference of certain sizes.

#112, your comment might be taken a bit better if you knew how to spell shepherd, especially since shepherd spelled correctly in the FML.

#128 Well, the way he mentions "finding out how much [it] costs" sounds to me like the owner of the other dog was the one making a big fuss over the money, rather than over the dog itself.

OP not being there is not an excuse. If the dog was out for a walk then they should be there, if OP was out at work then there should be sufficient fences, etc. at home. Accidents do happen but OP is still responsible for their dog. The only way they aren't responsible is if they gave the dog to a verified dog sitter and they were in control at the time.

RockRoyalty92 12

I agree with #3. If you leave your dog outside unattended, you need to do frequent fence checks. GSD's are also very athletic so you need a fence tall enough. Yes, this is completely on the owner. As far as another commenter saying not everyone should have one, is true. They are excellent dogs, but they require an experienced owner to care for one properly.

Why would you think that OP would let this happen? You think he would be happy letting his dog kill another dog and then have to pay for it? We don't know any details about this story, so we can't assume things. You don't know if OP wasn't home and the dog escaped during that time. Bottom line is a poor little dog died, a family lost a family member, and OP has to pay a whole bunch of money. We don't know who was at fault.

my dog got attacked and died the day after Christmas. he was a head strong Chihuahua and he got out no matter what we did. I take responsibility for what happened only because my dog was an asshole and a bully. I wasnt around when it happened and we tried everything to keep him in the yard but sometimes these things just happen!

Yeah, I can see that happening. *yip yip yip yip yip yip* *nom* At least the dog knew dead dogs bark the least.

Comet_Candy 23

My condolences to your wallet and bank account.

I feel worse for the owner of that tiny dog. Replacing a killed attracted pet is sometimes something money still won't heal.

Well if the German Shepard didn't eat it it was likely going to be hawk bait anyway. Dogs that tiny need constant supervision.

My condolences to everyone but the OP. The OP's dog will probably be out down for attacking another dog, the other dog, it's owner and family.

#108 where does it say the dog attacked the owner or their family? And we don't know if it'll be put down because we don't know what the situation ones. Either way condolences to both parties.

I think he was referring to the fact that the death of the small dog would be a major upset to their owner and family, not that the larger dog attacked them.

How much do they cost?

Depending on the breed and bloodline anywhere between $200 to $5000+.

When I read this fml visualized the German shepherd eating the other dog and then turning to you and saying "yeah judging by the taste I would say you owe them $10000"

5000+ !!! That was a costly meal.

Only 5grand? PSH give me those breeders. I worked in a high end dog boutique for a year or so and one of our regulars sold her pups for upwards of $10,000. Before I knew that, I asked what she had available and fell in love with the picture she showed me. Price tag? $25,000!!!!

my toy Aussie was only $350, but they are usually over $1000

rosha267 21

That's some pricy puppy chow

my question did it come in your dog's territory if so you owe nothing

Llama_Face89 33

Don't really think that's how it works..

indeed it is, like you cant sue an owner if you get savaged by a dog if you were on the owner's property.

That's exactly how it works. I hope OP had the sense to keep her dog away from other dogs if they know he's aggressive. If another dog comes onto your property and something happens to it, it's 100% the other dog owner's fault. I watch a lot of judge shows. They're not all completely real, but you can learn a lot from them.

I thought they couldn't sue you if you had a 'no trespassing sign' and a 'beware if dog sign' wasn't good enough. Maybe that only for if a dog attacks a person tho? Idk, just what I thought. Rules probably differ from place to place too.

#58 it doesn't matter if they had a sign, still their property.

15: It is, but only for animals. If your dog or cat enters my property I can kill it with impunity. If you do a "no trespassing" sign is worthless.

Not where I'm from.

I recently watched a woman tell someone to keep their small dog away from her rottweiler. The person ignored them and let their dog get near it, the next thing that happened was the rottweiler grabbed it by the neck and threw it into the road towards an oncoming car. Luckily everyone stopped just in time, and the woman had to apologise even though they had warned them.

#30 et al., did you see that OP's location is listed as Latvia? Do you know applicable Latvian law?

I swear this said it was in the US when I posted my comment last night. I was also drunk so there's that.

#27, actually they can, my Great Dane bit a teenager that came onto our property and the mother called the pound which promptly came and took our dog away. I mean you can still get the dog back after that, but it changes them forever.

A friend had his husky put down for biting a child. The child jumped the fence and was part of a group of kids that messed with h after school but he still was put down.


why would your friend do that? The dog was protecting your friend and his property. If you don't want a dog that protects you get a Maltese. Your friend is a horrible person FYI. Killing an innocent animal is wrong on every level.

I wrote that wrong, sorry. He HAD to put his dog down. It was seen as dangerous, he didn't have a choice

Llama_Face89 33

Your dog ate a rodent.. I understand that's generally cat territory, but what's the big deal?

Uhm, it's incredibly traumatic for all parties involved? And I'm sick of this little dogs aren't real dogs thing. I like big dogs, I own what is often described as a pony, but I don't look down on people that own small dogs. Maybe they live in a small apartment, or a smaller breed better fits their needs or wants in a dog. I love yorkies and corgis, and when I'm too old to handle a large dog, maybe I'll get one. But I'll be damned if I ever judge someone for owning a small dog or sneer and tell them to get a "real" dog and ditch the "rat". Dogs are dogs and they're all fucking awesome.

I might get thumbed down for this, but I'm writing this comment because a single thumbs up cannot express how much I agree with you.

Let's hope a large dog does not hurt your child with views like that as many people despise children as well

Frillwee95 12

Yea! Such small dogs are perfect for protecting a purse if it gets stolen, or as a finger food in certain cultures....

33, you disgust me. Someone lost their precious puppy, and because it's a small breed you think it's equated to a cat eating a sewer rat? Sickening. I stand by my previous comment.

What the hell is wrong with these people! That's like racism for dogs. Dogs are dogs, no matter how big or small. And let's say it was a rodent, like a rabbit because I have a rabbit. It's still a pet. And a pet is a pet. So every single party is hurt. And you people are just sick bastards saying that the small dog is just a silly little rodent who doesn't matter. Well your just a silly little human that doesn't matter.

You sir, are a piece of shit

I have two small dogs. My oldest is the best guard dog I've ever had. If you have never seen one attack someone, you obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Not only that, but even my my youngest has kept coyotes off my property. They've done a better job than my softy large breeds.

#74, I agree that small dogs and rabbits and etc. matter, but rabbits are actually not rodents -- they're lagomorphs.

Wow this is disheartening. All of my animals are small, but I love large breed dogs also. Small dogs fit my lifestyle and I can assure you that they are real dogs. Such a shame for such hate towards animals. I assure you that you would feel differently if your dog ran up aggressively toward mine on a walk, why? Because if your dog snapped at me or my dog and you weren't around to grab them. Your dog would be dead, and I'm sure you'd feel much differently about the situation. (This is not directed toward aggressive dogs that owners are in control of, or dogs that run up friendly just to play.) thumb me down if you wish, but my dog is just as important to me as your dog is.

Llama_Face89 33

Aww look at all the bleeding hearts.

I'm surprised at the level of hatred (or disgust) generated by this comment. Of course it's a big deal because the pet owner loved and adored their small dog, and of course if I were actually in this situation I wouldn't make light of that person's loss. But 8 was merely making a joke that expressed his distaste for small dogs, and I expressed my appreciation for his humor and opinion. In real life, I would stop a small dog from being harmed just as much as I would a large dog. But I don't have to enjoy them equally.

And 74, "racism" towards dogs is ok; they aren't people. Yes, I believe it is important to treat animals well, but why does that mean I have to love them all equally? Dogs are great, but they AREN'T people. I personally prefer large dogs (and cats, and rabbits, and many other animals) to small dogs, and I don't feel very attached to or sympathetic toward them. I apologize to all if my appreciation of 8's joke offended you or brought back memories of a traumatic experience for you. I recognized that it may not have been in the best of taste, as someone somewhere is grieving over a pet, which is difficult. However, I will not apologize for feeling that a small dog is not as good of a pet as a larger one, or for comparing them to rodents.

#155, I don't know about you but I equate my dog to humans. My dog is basically my child, and I treat my dog like I would treat my child. And as for the "joke" you were referring to, this is most definitely not a matter to joke about. If someone in your family died, would it be respectful to make jokes? Sure the small dog owner probably isn't reading this, but I mean a dog just died, we still owe that family our respect and condolences. What is wrong with you people?!

That blasé comment about an animal being mauled to death isn't especially funny. Plus I'm another who's sick to death of my small dog being called a 'rat'. I've had big dogs too, toy dogs are just the same thing but smaller (provided the owner raises them the same as they would any other sized dog).

Less than expected as you actually saved money on dog food?

how did you not notice that a dog was being eaten!?!

maybe he was in a different area of the yard than the dog and maybe the place is fenced so he did not expect a little dog to wander onto his property. or maybe he was at the park and tried to save the dog but it was too late. my point is it can happen, so try to be less judgmental he and the owner of the dog that was killed are already having a hard time. We all fail to notice things at time and sometimes its really important shit too, that ends up detrimental. We are human after all and prone to error unfortunately this error cost a lot and i dont simply mean financially. Point is it happens, its not the first time a dog has murdered another dog and im sure there are instances where the owners have been negligent but sometimes it just purely bad luck.

Most people's human error doesn't end with a dog being eaton

I would just like to say that German Shepherds are incredibly strong, and could have escaped from OP on a walk and gone into a backyard and eaten the dog while OP was looking for their German Shepherd. Then OP serious have discovered the carcass, and like a good neighbor, notified the other.

47, the reason people are so upset is because it seems like op doesn't care at all that someone lost their pet, only that he has to pay for a new one. Yes, sometimes unfortunately things like this happen and sometimes it's not necessarily the owners fault, however you'd think that the person would feel terrible that their dog just killed (and possibly ate) someone else's dog.

ninety 25

No, most people are upset because OP's big dog decimated a small dog and as such feel OP is a horribly irresponsible pet owner. However, Where do you get that OP doesn't care that their dog snacked on another one? That can't exactly be inferred based on the available information, just like we don't know the circumstances around the event.

177, I agree with your comment, but that's why I said it "seems" like op doesn't care. I'm sure in the actual situation op was horrified, however he wrote the FML as if he only cares about the cost. Which, in my opinion, adds to why people are upset.

Maybe OP wasnt home at the time and the dog escaped and then he found out about the incident when he got home.......