By the boogieman mom
Today, I found out that eating too much cheese really can cause nightmares. I had a cheese sandwich before bed and woke up later to the nightmarish sight of my mother-in-law standing over me with a suitcase. She had a big argument with her husband and wants to stay with us for a few weeks. FML
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By  RichardPencil  |  30

The cheese caused you to fart in your sleep so badly, your wife called her mom. This woke up her husband and caused the fight that brought her to your house.

Therefore, cheese eaten late causes nightmares. QED


If your spouse offered to have her there without consulting you first, you need to have a serious talk. If MIL invited herself over, get her out of your home. You need to have some stronger boundaries with your MIL if she's entered your room without permission while you're sleeping. Neither of you have an obligation to offer her a place to stay.

By  Charlie Given  |  23

Umm wow anyone who does not understand simple boundaries is either a moron or an asshole,my mother-in-law had keys to our house but would never enter without letting us know and why and would never come into our bedroom when we were sleeping even if it was an emergency she would at least knock on the door first if we hadn't answered the doorbell 🙄😒