By Anonymous - 27/07/2016 14:10

Today, I found out all the "work meetings" my husband has been going to wasn't him having an affair after all, but him attending a neo-Nazi group. FML
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Damn... Honestly not sure which is worse.

Guess you did nazi that coming...sorry i had to but seriously fyl indeed


Damn... Honestly not sure which is worse.

I honestly think I would rather marry a cheater than a neo-nazi... that way he's just hurting me, and not millions and millions of people.

True, but most neo nazis are pussies so the chance of the average one actually hurting anyone is probably pretty low.

I was just about to say that lol

Nazis are a political party. It's an opinion they have, cheating is a betrayal.

I truly and deeply hate cheaters... but I'd rather be married than one than a neo-nazi. That's just... Cheating is selfish, but racism is hatred. Hatred is always worse than selfishness. Enjoy your divorce, OP.

dump his as!

Seriously??? An affair is equivalent to freaking being a freaking nazi??? Come back to real life...

#91 I would rather deal with the cheating because being a neon-nazi means he's just an old fashioned garden variety kind of stupid.

There's nothing worse than a glow-in-the-dark Nazi. They're even worse than regular ones.

Shaved his head?

FYI, not all skinheads are racists!!!

if they are bald and a skinhead they are likely racist. If they are just bald/ shaved for personal aesthetics than no they may not be racist. long story short I'm pretty sure that skinhead is slang for a neo-nazi. or something negative referring to bad apple baldies

Buddhist monks and nuns are required to shave their heads it symbolizes the shed of confusion hostility and attachment and to remove the risk of vanity.

The original skinheads were Jamaicans and British. Is sad that a small group called themselves racists. But the vast majority in the present aren't. Please, educate yourself first before you make any comment that is false.

The term skinhead was sort of stolen for use interchangeably with neo-nazis. It originated in Jamaica and Britain and people who called themselves so were the type into reggae and skaa music. Generally, people who couldn't give a shit less about race. I see you may have met a few. As you can see, they get a little irritated about it.

I think if i was you id rather be cheated on. Anyone else?

Indeed. You can fall out of love. OP's husband can't fall out of stupid.

#31 ahh your comment is amazing

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#63 Why would you want to be married to someone with so much hate in their heart?

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#70- Clearly the OP would rather he cheat than be a racist because this is an FML. Racists are stuck in their ways and are ignorant little bigots who can't comprehend that everyone is the same. It's not a matter of opinions, it's a matter of right vs. wrong. Having differing thoughts/opinions on something like how the bed is made is reasonable, but as for being married to a racist, boy you better be cheating with everything that has legs before you come back to me with, "I hate everyone who doesn't look like me." I may be hurt by the cheating, but I will not be married/associated with a racist. Shows a lot about who you are because you can.

#70 I'm right there with you. I can't abide a person that would cheat. Once I found out they're part of a racist organization then at least we can start talking about it and find out where their thinking is at.

#73 You literally have no idea about who I am or the beliefs I have. I'm a bisexual pagan with a rainbow of friends. I am probably one of the most "whatever floats your boat" kind of people you could ever meet. But just because I refuse to have my heart ripped apart by a cheater you make a terrible (and wrong) assumption about me. Now who is being ignorant? Once a cheater, always a cheater. But people can change an opinion faster than they can change clothes.

I've barely met someone who was "once" a racist, and not anymore. It's more common for racists to always be racist than cheaters to always be cheaters. Also many people only cheat once and never again :) not all cheaters are the same, but all racists are the same.

So I'll see you at all those #blacklivesmatter rallies, right? They couldn't possibly be racist, they're black! It's totally okay for them to go around shooting people, reporters, and ambushing officers, killing them. How dare they not be born black. Shame on them for doing their job, risking their lives trying to protect the public. SARCASM, by the way. There are shitty people of all colors. #ALLLIVESMATTER. Even mine. So I refuse to waste my life, risk my health, and have my heart torn out by a cheater. Throw a rock. You'll hit someone even slightly racist faster than you would a cheater. But we'll just have to agree to disagree. We won't be changing each other's opinion. Either way, I won't be coming back to this thread. You have a nice day.

#94- Stop crying wolf. Once a racist always a racist. Your sexual orientation has nothing to do with how you think when it comes to racism. I am judging you based on what you said. I stick by what I said earlier. You are who you hang out with. If you hang out with racists by choice, girl you are a racist. Distance yourself from people who are not positive and hate others based on how they look and who they are.

#94 Having your heart broken is better than mass genocide and hate speech... I understand that heart ache sucks and is extremely painful, but so is having a bunch of people hate you for something you can't control like religion, colour, ability or sexuality

#94 you seem just like Hitler 2.0.

Guess you did nazi that coming...sorry i had to but seriously fyl indeed

chrisbeaudoin 26

I don't know whether or not to like your comment

Did Jew have to go there? Anne Frankly, these puns are making me führious. They're gastly.

You were okay on the puns, until you did "gastly." Wrong. So very wrong. *swats with rolled up newspaper* Bad! No puns from me, OP.

That was too good.

That's some cool original wordplay.

Jew are making me feel out of mein kampffort zone with all those gassy puns. (Sorry, I had to do this.)

That's still pretty bad. I'd divorce him.

Agreed. I'm not a divorce lawyer, but I feel like that counts as irreconcilable differences.

Or maybe you could show him what's wrong about being a neo-nazi instead of just dropping your husband. But I guess that's just my opinion...

if they subscribed to Neo Nazi propaganda there's no telling what other crazy shit they could fall into believing.

You say that like it's easy to show him the wrongness. If he couldn't see what was wrong with while joining, what makes you think he'd see it as wrong later? I suppose it's worth a try, but I wouldn't hold my breath..

Actually, I have to disagree; OP's husband clearly knew it was wrong, because he lied about where he was going. Now, whether you can get him to admit that is a different story...

Don't forget to invite lindsey souvannarath

Yeah, I'd prefer the affair to be honest.

Him wanting to change your last name to "Hitler" after your marriage should have been a clue.

I can't imagine which is worse, but on the brightside, at least he's loyal.

He was keeping this from her because he knew she wouldn't like it. He lied, that's not loyalty.

Loyal as in not cheating. Also he is pretty loyal to the group it would seem.