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  K410  |  18

Ok honestly "that sucks" is starting to become the new "first" and it's pissing everyone off... Either come up with an original comment or stfu and gtfo!


1) she wanted attention
2) she wanted the money
3) she's in the illuminati and this is some conspiracy about hippies in Texas
4) the doctors made a mistake
5) she was bored and felt like it

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

^6) She's a con-woman!... My jaw dropped when I read this FML. Faking a serious illness isn't a joke. One day, when she gets an awful disease or cancer, no one will believe her.

  Caitie_kid  |  8

There's been plenty of people who've done things like this before. Look it up. Teachers, health care professionals, normal every day people that you would never guess would pull some crap like this.

  GRgoldfish  |  19

I agree with #4, doctors check to see if the patient has cancer... maybe she forged the documents that said she had it. I truly hope you find a way to get your money back. best of luck op :)

  lb0812  |  18

I doubt OP asked for documents from her grandmother.
"I have cancer and can't pay for the treatments :,("
"Ok, I'll help you... After I see documented proof of your devastating ailment."
I doubt OP even considered involving the hospital, because, well, it's grandma.

  Isa_fml  |  20

Because she wants the money for herself?

  morella_xx  |  29

Well, no one's going to submit an FML that goes, "Today my adorable, 95-year-old Nana knitted me a sweater and gave me a butterscotch candy," are they?

  Metallica36176  |  16

In my opinion I believe that SOME (not all) Doctors just don't care and just want money. That's why they put you on pills instead of curing, because they get money. They send you to specialists for more money...

  hcollins1  |  18

I'd prefer not to be taken advantage of, even if it's family. Yes, I'd help a family member in need, ONLY when they actually need it and I know that they'd do the same for me if I ever needed it. Who knows, that might've been OP's life savings.

  Angeuh_fml  |  21

#9 French speaker made a mistake ;)

#69 Reading OP's FML, she thought that her Grandma was sick, she learned the truth long after.
In the same case I'll spent all my savings too according to my HEART (and I'll surely be angry after knowing the truth).
Doing nothing is just like being a selfish b*tch. That's why I said at least she's a good granddaughter <3

  threer  |  30

Some people just want to see the world burn...

  LilFlutter  |  10

I saw a news story about a teacher who faked having cancer for the money people gave her to help pay the bills. There was another news story on a someone who said their little child had cancer and made a Facebook page that everyone passed around the link for on Facebook so they would get tons of donations. So disgusting!

By  blackwidowtaco  |  31

This is by far the shittiest thing I have ever heard of a grandparent doing to their grandchild.

Hopefully your reaction when she admitted she had been lying to you will cause her to start trying to possibly reimburse you for your grandiose efforts. So sorry this happened to you!