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  mwali02  |  32

My thoughts also. I tend to believe that people pinning after folks in relationships have some deep rooted issues going on. Just ignore her, keep your head up high, and keep walking OP. Do your job well while you are at work, and get out when the shift is over, ignoring her craziness. Without the attention and drama, she's got nothing going for her. Good luck OP.

By  Laphog  |  17

Well statistically there's a 50% chance he'll be single again in the next 4 or 5 if she's obsessed , then there is that glimmer of twisted hope

  tantanpanda  |  26

This drives me crazy. Just because divorce rates are 50% (not even sure if that's true) doesn't mean someone has a 50% chance of having that happen. It's like a university with an 8% acceptance rate. Having a shit gpa and horrible sat score doesnt mean your chances are 8%. If a couple has a terrible relationship, they're more likely to divorce than a really strong couple. The 50% is a gross understatement of the nuances of actual divorce rates.
Sorry, I just had to rant.

  catherinecas  |  30

The divorce statistic you're talking about takes into account people that have been divorced multiple times which skews the results.
That said the year of marriage is said to be the hardest.

  Miss_Whipped  |  43

No, "his" is correct. From how the FML is worded, the colleague is blaming OP for her inability to score a date with the hot guy, when in fact she should be blaming the hot guy's fiancé (or fiancée, depending on which one was meant in the FML as it's not too late to rule out a typo).

  Miss_Whipped  |  43

I was stating it could be a possibility. (This was before a STAFF member stated it wasn't a typo, so keep that in mind.) I wasn't correcting the FML post. I was correcting the person who was correcting the FML post.