By Anonymous - United States - Brooklyn
Today, I found myself sneaking into my apartment to avoid the old lady that lives next to me. Funny enough, I moved into my own apartment because I was tired of sneaking into it to avoid my mom who lived with me. FML
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  chrisbeaudoin  |  26

I'm guessing op has before, that's why they know the old lady is annoying

By  tbrill  |  15

I kind of feel like this is an FML that needs follow up. . What in the world is this old lady be doing that could make you so hesitant to run into her?? However I don't feel like there's all that much that you could say that would really make your actions super logical and not just something you should face.


Hey thanks for your comment.. so here's a little more detail on this. I get home from work late and everyday when she hears me open the door she'll open hers to talk to me, or ask me questions (not so bad, right?) It gets worse. She'll ask me to throw out her garbage, repair a broken item, read her mail, make a phone call for her, read the instructions to a piece of furniture she bought and assemble the item, converse where I can't get a word in (what seems like forever long), take a walk to her car with her. I work and go to school and have a sick father who needs me a lot of my time. I'm exhausted.. I feel bad for her but hey I need some rest!

  NeneJPhilly  |  8

Just talk to her. I'm sure while old, she's not senile. Just set up a schedule of when you'll be able to help her & if it's not during the alloted time, she can't contact you (unless it's an emergency). Set up boundaries while still being neighborly. You can do it!

  marcranger  |  28

I don't blame you, OP. I have a few overly friendly neighbors myself, and while they're nice, by the end of the day, I am fucking done with people. My neighbors finally stopped coming around after the first two or three times I pretended not to hear them saying hello or refused to answer the door when they knocked. It's harsh, and I do feel badly for the elderly, but you sound like you're stretched thin enough as it is. Ignore her, tell her bluntly you don't have time to chat, do whatever you have to do to make sure you get your desperately needed down time.

By  sparkledoge  |  29

The joys of having neighbors. I do the same because my next door neighbor is a bitter old lady in a wheelchair who hits people and then cries about how you're accusing her, a poor old lady in a wheelchair. She also tries really hard to get my dog put down and make pets forbidden in the complex.
Charming person, really.

By  MonCapitan  |  4

If you're avoiding her because she's mean: tell her to mind her own business or complain to the landlord / police about the harassment. If you're avoiding her because she puts on the "sweet little old lady" routine to guilt-trip you into doing many odd jobs for her, walk to your apartment loudly "talking on the phone" and not notice her. If she wants to keep up the innocent old lady act she won't interrupt your "call".