By Anonymous - 19/10/2010 17:32 - United States

Today, I found myself crying in the bathroom because I started to feel lonely and depressed. My mother came into the bathroom, hearing me cry and gave me an hour long speech about what a beautiful human being I am... And to not forget to lose weight. FML
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I am so sorry. OP! I am sure you are a beautiful beautiful person inside and out! Maybe your mom was just having a bad day. Lover her and yourself no matter what! Take care! :)

good job on boosting your mood huh?


good job on boosting your mood huh?

Agreed, way to make someone feel better about themselves!

Well at least she's a beautiful fat person, not an ugly fat person...

ummmm can sOmeOne tell me homOw I cann see my FML pleaseeeee????

At least you are beautiful.

well moms tend to exaggerate, at least it my experience. my girlfriend has a little more meat on her bones than everyone else, but her mom pretty much won't feed her because she thinks she's obese, when she's actually just like 5 pounds away from being overweight. OP might just not be as thin as everyone else is and her mom thinks she's fat.

well??? did you forget???

At least she's not fat like 44! :D

85, you have succeeded in making yourself into a judgmental dumbass.

Why do people always assume that not being skinny=ugly? Maybe your mom just cares about your health.

Assholes Only talk Shit on Here . Caint Do it In Person Not Cool . Everyone is Beautiful in Their Own Way .

Obviously OP's mother needs to take some parenting classes.

Atleast she gave you some good advice ;3

This can be a math question! 0 > op > -5 op + (-4(op3-3)) = way positive number. (a) m = op's mom's advice a•m = am • -m = ops current mood. (translation: op's mom tried to do the right thing and succeeded but then failed) MATH BITCHES!

then lose weight. fatty.

Please stop talking in 3rd person. It's disturbing, and makes us all very uncomfortable...

that's just mean.

10, good. 11, I never said I was nice.

You are truly a fuck face.

8- First of all you shouldn't say that too people, because it's rude. Like really, my niece is more mature than you and she's 7. And second, why call people fatty when you're fat?

Why does it seem nobody knows when to use 's?

I am so sorry. OP! I am sure you are a beautiful beautiful person inside and out! Maybe your mom was just having a bad day. Lover her and yourself no matter what! Take care! :)

Every time I read your comments, I hear it in a fake, high-pitched voice.

15, don't feed the troll. I think she does it to piss people off.

NYC baby!!

Haha I was thinking the samething!

troll = t. feed = f. no feed reminder = n. t•f=a -a(n5+3)= c c= current situation

dont be so mean she is trying to be nice! and OP im rlly sorry! your mom shouldnt have said it in such a mean way, but if u feel like u need to drop a few lbs then vegetarianism is an easy way, and dont forget excercise!

97, your comment reminded me of a bad infomercial. Telling people they're beautiful, and then selling your product. And I honestly can't stand when people try to force ways on others without knowing their situation.

Truth hurts go lose some weight....I'm sorry 4 u though

You're a shitty person. There is a time and place for criticism, that wasn't it.

Well perhaps if you did watch your weight you wouldn't be crying. Run out of tears?

good luck losing it because support like that ... well you are most likely to gain more so live with it >:)

Well it doesn't mean your mom doesn't love you, it just means that she'll love you more when you lose weight.