By anbrown6 - United States
Today, I found my dog, who had been missing for over a month, at the local pound. Clearly it was my dog, she responded to her name and cried when she saw me. However, the woman there told me I could not simply take her, I had to follow through with all policies. I paid $250 to adopt my own dog. FML
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  bobnorris  |  0

no fuck that, just tell the people to fuck off and give you your dog. if they don't give it back, threaten legal action, even tho it's stupid, they'll be afraid of bring sued so you'll get your dog back

  Clioo_fml  |  17

Look on the bright side, you HAVE your dog back, and you didn't find her dead at the side of the road. It was definitely ridiculous, but what wouldn't you do to get a family member back?

By  xnj319  |  2

So... I'm assuming your dog had no licence, otherwise they would have been able to find the rightful owner so your poor dog wouldn't have had to be at the pound for a month? And you expect pity? HA!

By  nomadxx7  |  0

That sounds weird. Couldn't you provide a picture to the lady to prove that you owned the dog. I mean I don't know how legal that crap is since I pay licensing fees to the town and have pictures of my dog. I'd be damned if the local pound was to ignorant to realize she/he was rightfully my pet. FYL.