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By  mt21mt  |  15

You deserve it, for letting your child treat your personal cell phone as a toy. On a side note, there was a big deal a few years ago, telling people not to let kids play with old phones, because even some phones that aren't set up to make phone calls can still dial out to 911.

By  DanielleinDC  |  32

You shouldn't let your daughter play with your phone (unless she took it without permission, in which case, you need a fingerprint method and pass code to prevent that). I hope you can explain to your boss that your daughter was playing with the phone.

By  Kougeru  |  12

YDI for letting your daughter play with your phone. And if you claim you DIDN'T let her do it, I'll just say that the fact that your phone was unlocked and within her reach is basically letting her access it. ALWAYS LOCK YOUR PHONE!!