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Today, I found my checking and savings account to both read $0.00. My parents transferred all my money to theirs because "I'm irresponsible, and not fit to handle money." I'm a 3.8 college student and have a full-time job. They are currently unemployed. FML
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  americayay  |  0

72, I live in Oklahoma and had a joint account with my mother until I was 18, because no one else would allow me to have one.

OP, you'd think after being on FML enough, you would take their names off your account.

  fantasyflamz  |  0

#127 (aka organisedchaos) Wow, you're an idiot. Depending on where you go to college a 3.8/4.0 is a very good GPA to have. At my college, I had a 3.4 and it was very difficult so anything over a 3.0 was good. You had to work your ass off just to get B's (it was an engineering school/science school). And wtf are you talking about 3.8%? Maybe this is a case of cultures misunderstanding, but a 3.8 GPA is considered very good, especially in college when there are no AP classes to distort your grades in HS. (In HS, AP aka college classes in HS are graded out of a 5.0, so people who take AP are at an advantage).

  Pwibble  |  2

"Yes, because a college student with a full time job is for sure a minor. For sure."
Hi, I'm 19, I'm in my first year of a doctorate. So much for assumptions.

  jisaac09  |  25

83 think about it.... if they have a GPA then they had to be goin to class for a semester and even if they're born late in the year then they should have had a b-day before the next year, wouldnt that make since??? Collages dont give you a GPA based on what they think you might do.... The OP is over the age of 18 and YDI for not bein responsible enough with ur money to take your irresponsible parents off of YOUR(???) account....

  boatkicker  |  4

Bank of America.

You also need to know their Date of birth, full name, and mothers maiden name. All of which my parents know, of course. It's happened a few times. I checked my balance, then he took money out. I assumed I had the money in the account that I remembered and over drew my account on groceries. Thankfully the bank waived the fees and I got the money back. And I can't even switch banks right now because nothing else is in the area.

  RuralNinja  |  0

Most banks, especially when you call over the phone, only need an account number, name on the account, and social security number to transfer money. Hell, you could probably call the bank with just a name and social and feign forgetfulness to get the account number from there, especially if its a large bank with long account names, i.e Wachovia. You could then just call back later and make the transfer.

By  SamIsSoaked  |  0

This is awful!

If they opened your accounts for you this would explain the access violation on their part.
Still, make sure you threaten them good with the old age home thing!
"Caravan Village for you Mum and Dad!"

By  Luckster  |  0

This is why you make sure your accounts are secure to the point where money can be withdrawn ONLY by you! It is kinda your fault for not taking that extra precaution, but FYL for having such fucked up parents!