By notmyrealname123 - Canada - Kitchener
Today, I found my cat downstairs with a squirrel dangling from his mouth. When I saw this, I yelled at my cat to put it down. He did. Turns out the squirrel was still alive and run. I had to spend the next three hours chasing it out of my house. FML
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  mrhe3t  |  9

That is so true, these creature do what they want, when they want if they feel like it, and then they come pur at you to get belly rubs and back rubs... and food.


I guess you would have to ask the squirrel. The thing is that the cat never went outside there was a hole in my door the squirrel got into the house through, I have no idea why it would go so close to a cat.

  jerryj  |  27

If they're old enough for such behaviour, then they're also old enough to move out and get their own damn place where they can do as they please.

By  Mauskau  |  35

My cat brought us a squirrel once. We left him outside for too long so my cat got bored of it squirming and killed it, left it on the doormat and walked off. He's brought live pigeons into the house though which is annoying.