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Today, I found my boyfriend and his friends laughing hysterically and practically choking on popcorn. They were watching a video of me in a school play, trying to sing while sobbing because I'd just pissed my pants in front of 200 people. Thanks for giving him the video, mom. FML
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  C_Celine_101  |  19

It's really not that deep, we've all got embarrassing videos from when we were younger. You're just supposed to look back and laugh at how different you were back then. No 'serious' talk needs to be you wouldn't laugh if you hadn't seen the video in question.

  Aimeejasmine  |  15

She was urinating and crying in front of hundreds of people.. Who the hell wants to be reminded of that? It's not funny when you're older, it's humiliating, what's wrong with you??

  TheSgLeader  |  21

How would you know I was going to laugh? I'm a very uptight person if I say so myself. Also, if this hadn't bothered her that much than she wouldn't have made an FML about it.

  ichdprodigy  |  12

#11, I agree. Embarrassing videos should be laughed at. There's a video of yours truly curiously trying to put my finger in a dog's arsehole when I was 3 or 4 that I find hilarious. Embarrassing? Completely. Also hilarious? You bet.

  a1_z9  |  10

My parents would definitely have done the same, thankfully they don't have any videos quite that embarrassing.
I'm sure OP looked adorable despite her unfortunate situation. Plus hopefully now she can say her boyfriend has seen that yet still fancies her.

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

#11 and #21- Like I've commented below, there is a HUGE difference between a cute, embarrassing home video and a video of a child being publicly humiliated. The first scenario? Yeah, you could say that it's no big deal. The second? You kinda have to be fucked up to find that funny, in my opinion. And really, the kind of people who like to laugh at someone else's (honestly horrible) expense that the person really is hurt by and then have the fucked-up gall to tell them to "just get over it" are some of the worst, most selfish assholes, really. It's called respect and consideration for other people's emotions.

  Roxas_hearts  |  27

But when a 15-16 year old kid gets jump scared and pisses himself, it gets posted to YouTube and everyone laughs. No one says a thing about how humiliating it is. Of course, since in the video OP was a child everyone has to jump in and save the day.

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

Yes, because the people here thinking its fucked up are suddenly somehow the same exact people who think it's funny when it happens to someone else and is publicly posted on the Internet. Nice logic.

  delude  |  26

I think that the boyfriend shouldn't have shown it to his friends, but if he has a good relationship with OP and her mom, I don't see any reason why it's so terrible.

By  littlekellilee  |  45

I don't know if I would be more mad at my mom for giving him the video; or at my boyfriend for inviting friends over to laugh together at your expense. It might be time to take that video and permanently delete it, then have some serious talks.

  xJChristine  |  16

I was thinking exactly that. I sure wouldn't like it if my boyfriend humiliated me in front of his friends. I don't even understand why he thinks it's so funny to show them...

By  cactusprick  |  19

the fact that your mom just willingly showed it to your boyfriend and his friends would off if I was in your position HAHA but I hope you laughed it off since we make silly accidents in our adolescent years :)