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  LeverPuller  |  5

@ 75: No.
He meant he'd put tobacco onto a rolling paper and made himself a cigarette and had already begun smoking it before he realised, "lol oops".


should be more empathetic, this has nothing to do with being dumbass. plenty of people start doing things out of habit, even if u only do it for a few hours constantly. and cigarettes are addicting. good luck man, and just try to get rid of the stuff, unless its someone else's and then just keep it away from u

  kaprookie  |  3

this is really sad unlucky OP but there is 1 question that I have to ask what were you doing with cigarettes if you were in your third day of being a non smoker?

  jasonsaied  |  1

jesus u stupid bitches leave this dude alone he was being sarcastic


america hater fail. just becuz 2 or 3 people who may or may not be americans are dumb that doesnt mean we all are. by that logic, all muslims are violent extremists who blow themselves up for the glory of allah. fucking asshole, DIAF.

  Rhien  |  0

Why "r" Americans stupid? Excuse me for being a stupid American, but it really pisses me off when people are to lazy to type an extra two letters.

  dontpanic_fml  |  32

Yeah...SERIOUSLY...when people are too stupid to recognize obvious sarcasm and actually bury the fucking comment...damn.

But fuck the person who said Americans are stupid. Really? Get the fuck over it

  akalisser  |  0

I'm pretty sure he didn't mean it literally. I think he meant it as in he wanted to stop smoking, but out of habit he rolled and smoked it before he could really put any cognitive thought to it.

  oh_dee  |  0

Makes sense, but I think any person would consider what he was doing even a little bit throughout the time it takes to get out the ingredients and roll the cigarette. Unless he was still half-asleep or something. Even so, he should have thrown those things away or given them to someone else if he planned to quit! Take away the temptation for the first few weeks since it's such a hard habit to break, you know?

  bluesclues72  |  0

if you have been smoking for a long time you get used to it. maybe the OP forgot about quitting. it's a habit. now maybe you could be supportive and a big bitch?

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Why be supportive?
This is FML, not "I-Fell-Off-The-Wagon-Lets-All-Be-Nice-To-Me".com
OP deserves it for still having that stuff, knowing he's still a new non-pothead.

  asafetybuzz  |  0

@39 and 103: do you seriously have nothing better to do than make fun of people on fml? and people who make fun of others for physical attributes are PATHETIC!

By  hXcsoccerplaya  |  0

lulz at all the hypocrites who voter ydi. do you know how hard it is to quit an addiction? for all the boys, try to quit jacking off for a week, can you do it? didn't think so. and smoking is worse than that.