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  _TONGAN_  |  5

wow OP you have a whole bunch of nerds working in the cubicles around you and the stood over the wall and shot cum at your hair and then all of a sudden they ran out of juice so they had to stop and you found out about the cum 2 hours after it all dried up...just my theory!.....

  MrSassypants  |  32

1 what do you mean by next

66 haha you kinda stole my comment. I wanted to say I hope you mean your hair is num (numb) which doesn't make much sinc but I never don't not make much sense. ;)

  Elixa  |  0

191 yeah, of course, I like anal, double penetration, so I get my bf and his dad to tag team me. Mr. Williams cum taste sweet yet, my bfs... salty.

  boopityboppity  |  11

I considered not posting my comment just because I knew there'd be people like you three.
Those who get it will get it without your help. Your comments are a literal waste of space.


you are a literal asshole. since it's the mime of the moment people like to play along not help. don't worry I'm sure you'll go down in history as the first guy who quoted bed intruder on FML (sarcasm). what a doucher...

By  oldwiseguy  |  0

I don't know how you know exactly what was in your hair when you seem to be clueless as to how it got there when you were at work, but I'm going to assume you are an expert in having cum in your hair. Must be a common experience in your life.