By AddictiveAddicted - United States - Denver
Today, I found an unfamiliar ring in my purse. Thinking it was fake, I gave it to a little girl. Thanks to my mother, I later found out that the ring was my grandmother's and it was made of gold and had a real ruby. My mother added that my grandmother trusted me to keep it in our family. FML
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  Ms_ValS  |  27

It's generally a good idea to give away unfamiliar jewellery to strangers. Especially to little girls because when you ask for it back, no one would think you're being a jerk.

  Geekman2  |  10

Honestly, I don't make a habit of checking the value of various doodads I find. What probably happened was that OP found the ring, thought it was fake and moved on. Later, encountering the little girl, she gives her the ring because she has no use for it. It isn't likely all that much thought was put into it, it was just a simple act of kindness. If OP had never found out the value of the ring, they probably wouldn't think twice about the ring they found in their purse that day

  Pingvinai  |  37

#44, checking values for random stuff like a typewriter isn't common. Checking the value for a piece of jewelry before you give it away would be common sense.

  Mauskau  |  35

What if OP lost their purse, not knowing the ring was in there? For something with that kind of value and sentiment you tell someone first and put it somewhere safe. I often lose stuff in my bag, so I wouldn't have found it for about a year.

  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

Why in heavens would you give a random ring you find in your own purse away because you assume it's fake? What logic or reasoning could possibly be involved there? YDI

By  jimmer23  |  21

She trusted you by dropping it in your purse without telling you? I feel like your family's communication skills are lacking. Even Bilbo did across the courtesy of having Gandalf explain it.

By  sweetbliss3  |  37

I'd do the same thing. who just puts random stuff in someone's purse without telling them? that's weird. kind of their fault for not telling you who's it was and why it was in there.