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Today, I found an old toy that I gave to my daughter several years ago. It was still unopened, and long forgotten, so I decided to re-gift it to one of my friend's children. My daughter immediately remembered her "favorite" toy and started crying inconsolably. FML
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I'd like to know what the toy was. I have an Ancient Mew pokemon card that my mum told me never to open, just in case it becomes valuable (even though they're only about $5 on eBay). Still, it's unlikely a kid that young would do that, even if it was something valuable.


My mum considers my toys as hers. The moment I get a new teddy or something for my collection, her first reaction is to throw it to our cat. Most of them have tooth and claw marks all over them. The OP should definitely have asked.


#4 as my mother always told me, "I bought it and can do whatever I want with it!" If her daughter wasn't playing with the toy than why let her money go to waste. Maybe that's what's wrong with our world, people stopped teaching their kids how to value their parents money!


No, it wasn't. The mother bought the toy with her own money, and the daughter never used it. Therefore, the mother can regift it if she wants, and that way she doesn't have to spend money on a new toy. The daughter is just being spoiled.

By  anythingmustbe  |  18

What the hell where you thinking. Dont you watch big bang theory -.-
Toys are not meant to be played with. They should be kept mint in box. So 40 years down the line she can sell them all for a shitload of cash. Who has ever heard of playing with a toy??? They are meant to stay in a box on a shelf.

  mansen  |  15

have you lived with kids??? As they get older they outgrow a lot of toys. If you don't get rid of them you will be buried alive in them. Kids are little hoarders. They could passionately hate a toy, but as soon as you suggest getting rid of it, it suddenly becimes their most favorite toy ever ever ever. I do the annual toy purge when the kids aren't home due to this (they are still young enough to completely forget toys they haven't played with in 6mths if they don'tvsee them). and if by chance I get asked about one...I will admit, I sometimes blame our mastiff and say she chewed on said toy. You got to do what you have to do, otherwise be prepared to die by a tower of toys burying you alive.

  Jessj958  |  19

I know what you mean 6 year old is a hoarder! He wants to keep everything, even if its broken. I decided to use my judgement on the broken things, and ask him on the other. He's got more toys than he knows what to do with!

  daphish  |  10

#33 I remember when I was little, me and my brother had a good $2000+ worth of toys (half of them broken). I still remember throwing a bitch fit every time my mom didn't buy me a toy I wanted right away, so I hid it underneath the shelves until we came back. My mom still wouldn't buy it for me though.

  Pyapi  |  20

Wow, lots of kid hoarders... Just the opposite happened at my house when I was a kid! I wanted to regift toys which I didn't like, yet my mom never had the heart to throw them away. Finally convinced her to donate most of them last year!

Not that I don't appreciate toys. Not at all! I still have some plushies which my dad gave me on the day I was born. I don't play with them, but they're too special a gift to simply give away, especially since I maintained them in good condition.