By L.Lime05 - / Sunday 8 August 2010 23:27 / United States
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  srunano  |  4

what does your dog seeing the skeletons of other dead animals going to do??? its not like your dog is going to think you are an animal serial killer....hmmm or are you???

  srunano  |  4

27 you are right how could i forget that lol....but maybe animal bones are the same as the bones of other species in which they take a long time to decay in preserved conditions...

  ladiesman14  |  0

are you stephen kings wife ? Pet Sematary 1 & 2 gave me the creeps. my fav part in 2 was when the cop picked up the motorcyle and started reving the wheel near the bully kids face. he says "IM JUST FU*KING WITH YA"

  sicpupyz122  |  0

well 20 first when you bury something it takes a while for the flesh and organs and EVERYTHING but the bones to decompose.
it takes a long time for the bones to decompose. LONG.

  Izzy_babii  |  0

Lol If that happend to me,there would be ALOT of skeletons. I've had atleast 50 pets since I was little and we buried them all in a little pet cemetery lol. So OP didn't necessarily have all those pets at one time.

  Despina  |  0

19 you do realize that just because it wasn't raining where you live that it means it wasn't raining in the entire state of California? California has lots of different weather and climates. in fact it rains a fair amount in northern California close to the Oregon border