By Anonymous - 21/10/2010 19:22 - United States

Today, I found a parking ticket on my car. Out of five cars who were in violation of the same infraction, I was the only one who received a ticket. FML
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sux but don't break the law

maronofhearts 19

"They did it too" isnt an excuse to break a law, if you didnt do it to begin with you wouldnt get the ticket and someone else probably would. Yeah it sucks that the other cars didnt get one (yet) you never know maybe they got theirs later. But basically you deserve it you parked there, i dont go around peeing on minors just because R. Kelly did it but maybe thats just because Im not famous enough.


sux but don't break the law

jcortez1594 0

oooooh got me while I was typing -.-

YDI for finding a parking ticket on your car. Out of five cars who were in violation of the same infraction, you were the only one who received a ticket. You had to pay $1000 and you got sent to jail for life complaining that 4 other cars violated the same rule, after they drove off. Have a merry time in prison!

well.... was your car a prius?

a crime's a crime

yeah sucks when that happens. I just put the ticket on the car next to me and have them pay for it.

jcortez1594 0

Gotta love lazy cops ^^ ohey, my first "first"

Why would you want to be first at looking like an idiot?

boyguydudemalema 0

actually, he's 2nd so that made more of an idiot.

sorcerersinger 0

first to fail

moomoo14 0

... or second

LOL FIRST. get over it. it happened. tryhards cry. cry!!!! if I'm not first then shit

Hgielad_720 0

Epic Fail.

"If I'm not first, then shit." lmfao.

soysauce1208 18

thats creep:|

Xavi89 0

next time I hope he puts a boot or your wheel.

jjames7543 13

good job at those fails #2 and #3 -_-

zachhasse 0

you a nigger

roadkill223 0

Say that in public and see what happens, I'm sure that you'll regret saying it very quickly.

I can just tell by your description that you're a fag.

Clearly he's stupid.

iGrenade 0

uh roadkill, there are plenty of places in this world where not a single blackfolk could be found.

zakkyzebra 11

or a kkk meeting. well they'd be dead but...

VertigoSD 0

But you can find plenty in the cotton fields!

Or in a box, with a fox. Or in a house, with a mouse.

roadkill223 0

iGrenade, what about the white kids who think they're black? They take offence to that also, not sure why, however.

Tommy and Vertigo, lmao. Too true.

KiddNYC1O 20

this thread bored me.

#54 You could try playing with real thread. It's a lot more entertaining. ;]

zachhasse 0

im joining the kkk

zachhasse 0

haha you guys love to argue over stupid s***

zachhasse 0

fuck you. i wanna kill him. hes my arch enemy

roadkill223 0

Tommy, he's being a typical 14 year old male. Discovering all of these swear words and thinking he's cool for using them.

Arch enemy? Okay, catwoman.

darkness_fml 0

What kinda of kid only learns swears at 14...

42 that's an insult to all the 14 year olds who aren't dumb, like myself. Also, answer to life, the universe, and everything ftw.

pimplayer 0

I hope wen u go to hell the devil is black and spoons the crap out u

oboewhore_xD 6

He's not fourteen. I'm fourteen and even the dumbest people in my class still don't use the phrase "arch enemy". The whole "OMFUCKING FUCK, FUCK. SAYING THESE DAMN CUSS FUCKING WORDS IS SO FUCKING GOD DAMN FUN" thing is true though for a lot of them. -.- *inserts bullet in to brain*

you are quite clearly a tosser. ' im the fastest in my school ' who says that in their profile? obviously a show off prick...listen kid youre not that good on the big scheme of things "just a drop in the ocean"

zachhasse 0


Thordian 0

Don't complain if you break the law.

kristineszLIFE 0

Worry about your self