By Squid - 07/11/2012 05:11 - Australia - Hornsby

Today, I found a limp head of celery in the fridge. I thought it looked like the squid alien baby from Men in Black. After nursing it for a couple of hours, giving it food, and rocking it to sleep, my parents found me. Then I realised it was just celery. Too bad it took that long for my meds to kick in. FML
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Dafuq did I just read?

It WAS the alien baby from Men In Black, just in its vegetative state.


It was a definate YDI till I read meds.. Now I'm just confused

Yeah, I thought it was a big joke. Hoping those meds are continuing to work, OP. Next time it might not be your parents who discover you nursing rotting vegetables.

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Can tell she's from New South Wales! (Australian people jokes)

cheshireau 26

You're confusing Us with Tasmania.

15, how can one be high whilst not on drugs?

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You must know nothing about ADD or ADHD. I have ADD all it definitely doesn't make someone nurse lettuce...

CaptainDoorknob 7

82 is a retard who clearly knows nothing. ADD and ADHD are just attention problems.

zeldafrettchen 1

12. you're fucking gorgeous.

Pretty sure that ADD and ADHD don't cause people to nurse veggies back to health. Also pretty sure that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

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MindFreakazoid 10

62 - Sharpies and white-out, my friend

OP probably has schizophrenia?

Dafuq did I just read?

That's exactly what I was thinking! This FML confused the shit out of me

Where is the logic in this fml? I'm still stuck on the fact that OP thought celery was an alien, and believed that.

And somehow, shit like this made it all the way through moderation...

I think OP is delusional. Some people believe the strangest things when unwell, I actually feel sorry for this person. Get well soon OP!

Usually I thumb this generic comment down, but this time... That's exactly what I said when I got to the end of the FML.

Seriously. And by "nursing" it... Does she mean like she tried to breast feed it??

Marrach 7

Haha. I thought the same and YDI.. But once I saw the meds part; OP has a condition. Hey! Atleast OP didn't throw or beat it thinking its an alien invasion. Either way , That sucks OP, FYL

damn_homie 2

Lmfaoo umm wtf? I am soo confused. And y'all comments are just hilarious.

If I could favourite comments, that would be most definitely a fave.

Damn, what exactly do you have that you need meds for? Were you hallucinating?

Daffodilly 14

Maybe OP has schizophrenia?

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amandagrace94 11

If you have schizophrenia you have delusions.

Actually 38) delusions are fixed false beliefs- like someone believing without a doubt that they are the reincarnation of Jesus, or that aliens are trying to insert thoughts into their mind.. If OP's seeing celery as alien babies, it's more likely that she's hallucinating (sensory misperceptions). Oh and 44) not everyone who has schizophrenia is necessarily delusional. It's just one of the possible symptoms.

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114-Because "self diagnosed teens" get prescribed medication that actually helps with their "self diagnosis" right? You have no idea what you're talking about.

MissCharlotte_fml 26

Thank you, 116. And 114, there is an illness that causes delusions, it is called schizophrenia. I speak from experience that it causes you to believe things that are not real. And a medicine I was on (for schizophrenia) before took a while to work too, so before you go judging OP and calling her a "self diagnosed teen", think about it, asshole.

There are I think 15 different types of schizophrenia. Hallucinations are a possible symptom, but the disease takes many forms.

Takes a creative mind to think a celery head is anything more than a celery head.

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Says the one who is obsessed with Justin Bieber...

Shut up LAUREN.

Seriously shut the hell up both of you. I am no fan of Justin Bieber but making fun of her just because she is is getting really old.

33; I was saying shut up because she was saying wtf and acting very judgemental to op. i could care less about jb. Lol sorry girl.

MindFreakazoid 10

Seriously, 24? Seriously? Love and tolerate, friend.

LiesAndMischief 4

33 - If she's going to be callous to OP, she damn well better expect to be judged. How would you like to be asked, "WTF? What is wrong with you?" if YOU had some sort of condition that you couldn't control?

Yes 53. Im deadset serious. I will tolerate people to an extent. What i dont approve of along with many others are "callous" comments made towards someone with a disability or mental illness.

54 - That's exactly what I meant. Thank you!

MindFreakazoid 10

Ah, okay 77, now I see what you're getting at. I'm sorry.

KiddNYC1O 20

6- You just answered yourself!


Gee, what meds? They might help me get over the "Obama win" depression I find myself in today.

It WAS the alien baby from Men In Black, just in its vegetative state.

SnipeFatPeople 6

Exactly what do you need to take meds for...?

So that she doesn't think celery is an alien baby she should nurse back to health.