By Anonymous
Today, I found a leather book in my husband's sock drawer with "BRO CODE" on the front. It was blank except for the last page, which said, "NICE TRY SUSAN BUT EVERYONE KNOWS BRO CODE IS UNWRITTEN AND FOR GUYS ONLY". Well-played, husband. Well-played. FML
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  Seeya55  |  31

Are you fucking retarded? I do the laundry for my husband and kids, so I'd find shit like that instantly. Drawers in a dresser are not snooping places.


They still invaded their husband's privacy by looking inside the book. Just because they weren't technically snooping, they still found the book and opened it. Instead of leaving it alone.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

Hold on! I paid $250 for a looseleaf binder with The Bro Code. It has wisdom like no talking in the men's room, a list of good negs, and condoms are for losers.

You're telling me that might not be legit?

By  Justine Malang  |  16

Lol that's a good one