By Littlebigben
Today, I found a cellphone. I went through the contacts and called the one listed as 'dad' to inform them I could leave it at a cash register of the store I found it in or take it to the police station so they could pick it up. They then called the police, insisting I stole it. FML
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By  Lobby_Bee  |  17

If the police couldn't figure out you didn't steal it, then yes, FYL. Because you did everything a thief would do, inform owner you have their phone and stood there until the police to show up.

By  Rodville  |  28

That’s why I don’t call the person. I call the phone company tell them where it is or ask where I can take it so the owner can collect it.

Sprint is the most generous as they give me a free month of service when I turn in a phone. I work in a supermarket so people leave them fairly regularly.