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Today, I forced myself into work with severe laryngitis. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, except I work at candy and ice cream store at a major tourist destination. For seven hours I had to communicate with unsympathetic adults and screaming, bratty kids by miming and using a dry erase board. FML
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I bet you want to scream.

Kudos to you, you are a dedicated worker!


I bet you want to scream.

he screams, they scream, they all scream for ICE CREAM :-D

who said OP was a he?

nobody, OP is a female

*23 ive been seeing you comment on everything hunnysuckle has to say. why do you have to be so literal? really. this is FML. she probably made a mistake. who really gives a flying fuck?

*23 ive been seeing you comment on everything hunnysuckle has to say. why do you have to be so literal? really. this is FML. she probably made a mistake. who really gives a flying fuck?

I will be happy to give you a flying fuck.

k 32, i expect it on my door step tomorrow at 8:30 in the morning. be there, or be squared.

don't be surprised the fuck comes in the form of a mexican midget with wings, that's just Ron.

sorry, i was board and had nothing to do but coment on anything i had something to say on , didnt think i would get shot down by someone for comenting on every maybe 3rd fml

Oh I'm sorry 39, would you like Dora or Hello Kitty print on your Band-Aid?

I'm sure they loved the fact that some one that was extremely ill was serving them their ice cream. If you are sick, stay home - especially if you handle other people's food.

i was hoping for just flower but hello kitty will do, now where did you say you wanted to put this on you?

Dumbass he said YOUR Band-Aid

i know what he said , and now im givin it back ( incase i spoke to fast )

You young little teeny-bopper, don't know what you're talking about.

no but i know what im typing about

Actually, you can keep the Band-Aid. But thank you for asking.

neither let kfc guy have it to put in his chicken buckets

No you can keep it. My treat. And maybe I'll even help you find that one girl that has a heart, and knows very well how to use it.

Aww 54, looking for the perfect girl aren't you? Sweet. Good luck Garyy.

But girls who donated their heart ain't so bad though, but they don't talk much . . .

Jesus Howard Christmas, what the fuck is wrong with all of you? I feel like I'm watching three 6 year old girls on the playground arguing about which Disney princess is the prettiest! Please take your puerile bullshit elsewhere.

idontcare8l, just thought I'd let you know that your spelling of 'comment' is wrong; noticed you spelt it 'coment' a few times in the 'comments' and in your about me section of your profile. Just wanted to correct you.

and how would not being able to speak be "normally not an issue"

so instead of calling off so someone capable could work the shift, you got paid to be ineffectual. YDI.

That must've hurt like hell

Should've called in suck brah

i wonder what she drew for whether they want nuts or not.........

but they WANT ICE CREAM!!!


You went to work with food and you have a severe sickness? Way to get kids sick, OP. YDI

I believe it's "I scream for ice cream"

I cream for ice cream

Ahh, some kids are little shits

maybe you shouldve stayed home today!

Me? Get off my comment, fool!

62 - I tip my hat to you.

Kudos to you, you are a dedicated worker!

If I was OP, I would have called in sick. Wait, she can't.

She shouldn't have gone to work. if you can't communicate with people when that is half your job, just don't go to work till you can!

life is a bitch

She shouldn't have gone to work because she's sick! I would not appreciate a sick person handling my food!

#70 laryngitis is inflammation of the throat, it is not contagious

Erm actually laryngitis is most commonly caused by a virus (e.g a cold) or a bacterial infection which is very much contagious. Sorry OP if this is not the case for you but no one else would know that and would assume a sick person was handling their food..

There are two different types of laryngitis. There is bacterial laryngitis and viral laryngitis. Bacterial laryngitis is contagious and viral is not.

The laryngitis itself may not be contagious but the virus that caused it (like if it's flu) IS contagious.. You may not give them laryngitis but you would give them your flu/cold etc

You were miming of course they'd be pissed. White face paint and leotard on who wouldn't be mad. Shit just give me my chunky monkey and stop trying to be trapped in an invisible box

ungrateful humans, they only realize what theyve done when things perish.

how does that make them ungreatful lol?

Should haved called a sick day

ydi, should have called off and stayed home to rest. hope you feel better soon! :)

damn that sucks, fyl

what did you do when someone ask what all flavors you had, point to them?