By broken vows - Canada - Cambridge
Today, I followed my wife out, since she's been acting strangely lately and I was suspicious. She met up with a guy at a restaurant, who she later claimed was her brother. Either she's cheating on me, or it's tradition in her family to make out and grope each other at the end of meals. FML
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  TorturedXeno  |  27

At first I thought, "Was this in Alabama?"
Then I clicked on the FML.
She's a cheater, OP.

  negb  |  30

49 - that's what I was thinking! You wouldn't know your own brother in law?!
Or the wife all of a sudden isn't an only child like she said for the past 20 years.

  evandelafose  |  8

It is a figure of speech: calling something/someone "the worst" even though it's definitely not the worst. Taking things too literally makes it hard to understand English, sometimes.

  kozzard  |  17

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  Scynistr  |  20

Is it fun to put your neck out somewhere it doesn't belong when you don't have to? Of course they know there are worse people than cheaters.. Do you get paid to correct people for being figurative rather than literal? Go with the flow of the fml and realize they were offering a form of comfort to the OP. You may hate when people aren't logically literal all the time.. But no one likes when people step on good intentions..


I have some news for you. If a woman or a man is in a committed relationship and they cheat, yes, that makes them a piece of shit. If you've got feelings for someone else sexual or emotional, it's not hard to do the right thing and break up with your significant other first. If you're not mature enough to do that you shouldn't be in a relationship, and yes people who intentionally lie, cheat, and hurt the one person that relies on them most, and lead them on, are every bit as scummy and worthless wastes of air space as rapists and murderers.

By  a_wiener_d0g  |  15

Do you live in Alabama? Because there is a strong possibility it could be the 2nd option if you do

By  Wizardo  |  33

Well confront her properly and bring up the groping, clearly she's cheating and of course do what needs to be done. People like that are the devil incarnate.


As Satan's official legal representative, I am obligated to clarify that Mr. Lucifer does not actually participate in this behavior, nor does he condone it.
We will be suing OP's wife for impersonation and libel.